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You Can Do It!

You can impact your grandkids for the positive, despite the challenges. For awesome grandmothers there is a special bond from their moment of birth for your kids kids! They have your heart from the beginning to the end. Sometimes beyond that, I still dream about my granny and grandpa and it’s so good to see […]

"Overwhelmed is good when something good overwhelms something bad!"

By Debra Susan Bowman

    Overwhelmed is good when love overwhelms loneliness. Overwhelmed is good when blessed overwhelms stressed. Overwhelmed is good when rest overwhelms the test.  Overwhelmed is good when action overwhelms passivity, when joy overcomes depression, when forgiveness overwhelms brokenness.  Being overwhelmed is always good when it produces faith, energy, the hope, the love to move on, to push through. Take time out this week to sit before God, to contemplate Him and His awesome promises, to sense His presence.  Think of something you need to overcome this week and ask God how He would like to overcome that. Then write it down, think on it, pray over it and say it until victory comes.  It is always a good thing to be overwhelmed with God!

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"The most powerful thing you can do you can do flat on your back, totally disabled - and that is pray!" Author and Speaker Debra Susan Bowman

You can be disabled physically, emotionally, financially - your situation can render you helpless in so many ways, but you can always pray. Many fail to pray because they see no connection between praying and real outcomes in real life. But praying, alway, always, always makes a difference. Praying always changes things, even if the change seems delayed and shows up some a lengthy time after the praying. The Word says in Luke 18:1 that believers ought to always pray and to never, ever give up. It doesn't matter what has you down, you can get prayed up. In fact, down and out, confined to the couch, is sometimes the best place to be for it resigns you to the one position that is most powerful in life: prone, facing heaven. If you find yourself with no other option - pray! Pray, pray, pray and pray some more. I Corinthians 14:14 tells you to pray with your understanding and pray with your spirit. Philippians 4:6 encourages you to pray about EVERYTHING! Romans 8:26 says pray with every fiber of your being. Fill yourself with prayer until that prayer oozes out and shows up in your life, and in the life of those you are praying for. When all else fails pray and you release God's favor and with His favor comes all you need, even what you can never produce.





"Don't beat yourself you - build yourself up!" Author and speaker, Debra Susan Bowman

You can never beat yourself to a better you. You can never beat yourself up to the next level. You can't beat yourself to victory. You can never make yourself feel better or do better by beating yourself up. Beating yourself up is a bad habit you can break. From now on when something goes wrong, and if you are in the battle to win, something will always be going wrong, and you are tempted to beat yourself up, just declare NO!

Instead of beating yourself up, build yourself up. Say good things to yourself about yourself, even when no one else will. Look in the mirror and say, regardless of what's going wrong in your life; I AM AWESOME! I CAN DO IT! I CAN MAKE IT! I WILL BE HAPPY AND POSITIVE! GOD WILL SHOW ME THE WAY! I WILL DISCOVER A NEW SOLUTION I HAVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE BECAUSE I HAVE GOD WITH ME AND GOD AND I MAKE A MAJORITY!

You can think yourself to a new life and a new life for your grandchildren and it all starts by thinking strong, powerful, positive thoughts about who you are and what you can do. You can't build up your grandchildren if you refuse to build up yourself. King David had some really bad stuff happen to him. He suffered a big defeat and everyone turned against him. But the Word says when everyone was against him he went off by himself and build himself up. Then he came back, regained everyone's confidence, fought for his family and won one of the biggest victories he ever won. (1 Samuel 30:4-6)

Build yourself up today. Your next biggest victory just might depend on it.




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