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10 Energy Boosters for Grandmothers On the Go
Published on: September 14, 2016

By Debra S. Bowman

Awesome grandmothers are energetic!

Even the most vibrant grandmother struggles now and then to keep energy levels where they need to be to cope with the daily challenges of running an extended family. For those of us raising grandkids we have an ongoing adventure in helping those entrusted debbie-anthony-energyto our care, whether full time or just part time.

I get frustrated when I feel my energy ebbing with so much yet to do in my day. I want to shine forth, sparkle, and enlighten the world and those around me. When my light flickers I need a source of new oil for my dimming lamp. I greet Anthony (our 3-year-old grandson) enthusiastically every morning with, “Good Morning Sunshine!”  I have to keep my energy level up for him, because if he doesn’t get this wake up call, he knows something’s wrong.

Low energy effects all areas of your life: mental, physical, and spiritual. Here are 10 tips for recharging your batteries.

  1. Take a Walk. Mild exercise releases endorphins in your body that make you feel better. Of course your doctor must ok any rigorous exercise regime, but any kind of brisk exercise, even for just 10 minutes can make a huge difference. Take a ten minute exercise vacation.
  2. Eat Energy Foods. My husband’s work demands high energy, so sometimes he will eat, thinking food will be an automatic source of energy, but not so. If he eats too much or doesn’t eat the right food the effect is the exact opposite. He becomes sluggish rather than energized. The wrong food or too much food can zap your energy. Eat small quantities more often rather than thinking you have to cook a big meal. Also, some foods can make you sluggish, like a big piece of meat or something packed with white flour or white sugar. So the next time you’re hungry take a sugar vacation and go with something light like an energy bar.
  3. Take A Power Nap. Believer it, according to a Michael Hyatt pod cast, (former head of Nelson Publishing) many top executives take power naps. Think you don’t have time? Think again. A short time out for a power nap, just ten to twenty minutes, whatever works for you, can reenergize you for the rest of your day and a quicker pace later will make up for time lost. What time of day do you usually have your energy slump? Try taking an activity vacation!
  4. Maintain Connections. Support from family and friends is essential. Feeling alone is
    stressful and stress drains energy. The power flows Senior couple cycling in parkboth ways when  you share with someone and can energize all involved. Feeling alone? Take a vacation from yourself.
  5. Help Someone. Reaching out and helping others can reenergize your mind and emotions. Getting your eyes off yourself will change your focus away from problems that stress and drain energy. Want to reenergize? Take a vacation from your problems by helping someone with theirs. It’s very rewarding, and if it lifts your esteem it will lift you.
  6. Pray. When you give a problem to God, and leave it there, it takes the load off, and that means the load is lighter for you. Smaller load, more energy.
  7. Read the Word. Isaiah 40:29-31 says He gives strength to the weary, they will run and not grow weary (NIV). Hearing reassuring words from your heavenly Father will lessen the load and increase energy.
  8. Vitamize. You energize when you vitamize. And, add antioxidants, too. According to “Centrum Silver is the most tested and I think it is a very good formula — we have no association with the company,” notes Tod Cooperman, M.D., President,, an organization that tests and reports on the quality of supplements and nutrition products. He continues,”There are a lot of other companies that make the same formula now for less. Some good ones are Walmart’s Equate Mature Vitamin 50+, Dollar General DG Health Adult Formula, and NatureMade Multi for Her.” Nothing takes the place of a well-rounded diet of good food, but vitamins can fill in the gap. I take Novus Era, vitamins and superfruits.
  9. Have a Physical. Don’t run to the doctor for a pill if you are not willing to get a good night’s sleep, eat right and reduce stress. Take a vacation from bad mental food and exercise habits and you will be on your way to an energized day. However, if you are experiencing chronic fatigue, seeing a physician may be what you need. No fear! Get it done awesome grandmother. Your kids need you.
  10. Re-charge Yourself. When you give 24/7 you will be depleted and have nothing left to give. Have Lunch with some girl-friends, take a bubble bath, some beach time or get a pedicure, whatever relaxes you. It’s not a luxury but a necessity. You will come back to your responsibilities in excellent shape to  tackle what’s before you!

So, rise and shine sunshine! Take heart. Put one foot in front of the
other, that’s what we all have to do. Keep going because your grandkids need you.Take a mini-vacation every day and reenergize your life.

Which of the ten is your favorite? What recharges your battery? Share
with us please, for we are all in this journey together!

Here is a pdf of this post for downloading  energetic-grandmothers-pdf