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What Makes a Grandmother Awesome!

story-2015     I had lunch with 5 awesome grandmothers yesterday. To define what makes them such fantastic  grandmothers would take multiple blog posts. I looked around the table and many attributes came to mind;  unconditional love, sacrifice, patience, warriors,  and providing structure and discipline to name a few.They are all attached with an indestructible bond to their grandkids that goes both ways. Who doesn’t remember with fondness going to grandma’s house when they were a kid? I thought of my own upbringing in the 50’s and early 60’s. My grandmother was called Granny, a name dear to me and  my sisters.

At Granny and Grandpa’s there were many things that still today will trigger memories. Those and many other things happened only  at their house.

  •  Smells: The musty old house odor. the bacon frying, the percolator of strong coffee on the stove, or bars of dial soap they had in the bathroom cabinet which numbered to 2 dozen all the time.( I still use only Dial soap now for anything else seems sacrilegious !)
  •  Games: My sister and I played Rook or Racko to our hearts content. Also we dressed up in old formal  gowns  and paraded as if we were princesses, as we thought we were.
  • Food: Cookies  were always on the counter. She would fix the best cheese cauliflower- mostly cheese with a few flecks of cauliflower.
  • Sewing and crocheting; Our Barbies were the best dressed in the state!  She made angora sweaters with pearl buttons, which my sister Marcie still has. She taught us to crochet.
  • Time: It was a great adventure to spend the night. She had fine flannel  blankets she used as sheets. Granny and grandpa always took the time for us whether it was walks or vacations.

I still dream about them and their house. In the dreams, it is so good to see them and in my waking drowsy moments I think I have to go visit them today. Then I have sadness because I remember they have passed away.

I pray my grandkids will love and spend time with me like that. So I pursue being an Awesome Grandmother to make that possible with memories and a fine life for them even now.

     Share memories you have of Awesome Grandparents, for they are a part of us, both in our memories and who we have become today and go visit if you can!




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Sam is a businessman, writer, entertainer, speaker, husband, father to five children, grandfather and great grandfather. Sam graduated from Huntington University with a B.A. in psychology and drama and pursued a degree in Broadcasting from Illinois Central College with graduate degree in Christian Ministry from Christian Leadership University. Sam is the creator of Granpa Cratchet, one of the most successful touring shows in the history of the live events industry. Millions of people see Granpa every year all across the United States at fairs and festivals. His characters have appeared on every major network: Good Morning America, Entertainment Tonight, The Today Show (4 times). Sam and his characters have made over 500 local appearances and on all the major networks; NBC, CBS, ABC, ESPN, PBN, The LeSea Network, The PTL Network and Praise the Lord. They currently appear all around the world every week on YouTube and Facebook, and on several satellite networks via the Kidz Television Network and The Captain Hook (children's) Show.

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  1. I spent a lot of time with my grandparents. Mom and Dad both worked so we spent the summer, after school, and a lot of Friday nights with Grandma and Grandpa. There was a huge garden so we always had strawberries, radishes, green onions, cabbage, and the list goes on. One memory that is so special is of Grandpa plowing in the garden. He called my sister and me over to show us something. He found a nest of baby bunnies and had one in his hand. He let us pet it, but would not let us hold it. He explained all about wild animals. I will never forget the tiny bunny in his great big hands.

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