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From Bumper Cars to Bunnies- The Reward of Sacrifice
Published on: October 12, 2016

Ethan, Sam and Anthony on the Bumper Cars

A day at the fair. How fun! Forget the heat index is a hundred degrees and just stepping outside is like walking through a hot cloud. An awesome grandmother braves the weather. She will brave many things for her grandkids, whatever it takes to keep them safe.  O.K., so some things we sacrifice aren’t so bad; like elephant ears, lemonade, fair food, and enjoying the Granpa Cratchet puppet show.

Sam and I went to a fair in Ohio with three of our grandkids. There will be memories of root beer floats and walking through all the animal buildings. Their favorite was the bunnies with hair soft as silk. Riding the ferris wheel at night with the lights all lit up was fantastic, except when


Grace and Ethan on the Ferris Wheel

our grandson Ethan (to the left in the bumper car picture) rocked the seat. It specifically said don’t rock the seat because it’s not safe. What part of not safe did he not comprehend?

The boys favorite ride was the bumper cars. Don’t ask me why! They jar your neck as you ram the other cars on purpose. It must be a boy thing. Grandpa rode with them multiple times. I said I’m not riding that, but later that night they wanted to go again and grandpa was working, and there had to be an adult, so that left me. So….I agreed to ride, twice. I did not give in because they pleaded with me, but because I’m an awesome grandmother and it means a lot to do things that mean a lot to them. The next day the extra large tube of Ben Gay came out, the neck brace went on and the Tylenol went down. So, it wasn’t that bad, but you get the idea. I did it for them.

I know many grandmas who have done things they’d rather not just so their grandkids could have enjoyment or necessary things like a meal, clothes, or a roof over their heads.

They do things like:

  • Donating Plasma, despite the pain and scarring
  • Working overtime so the bills could be paid and the cupboards wouldn’t be bare
  • Sacrificing their own free time like a quiet evening with spouse or friends
  • Watching PawPatrol instead of Grey’s Anatomy ( I confess that’s me)
  • Giving up that last scoop of ice cream

Awesome Grandmothers know sacrifice brings it’s own reward and many blessings and so they live a sacrificial life, even when the reward comes much later.

We’d love to hear your story. What has your sacrifice been? What is your greatest reward