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When Catastrophe Strikes
Published on: October 25, 2016

Two young men were killed in auto accidents this week. My heart and prayers go out to their families. It turns your world upside down and inside out when something like this happens. I wrote this post last month thinking it was a little heavy, but in light of these events it seems like a good time to share. When catastrophe hits God gives us anchors to hold during the storm. The main thing to remember is to trust in the Lord. He has given us His Spirit to help us and He is called the Comforter. He is our anchor in the storm. Ryan Stevenson saw many people hit with storms during his career as a paramedic and he sings a song called, “Eye of the Storm.” It is powerful! Here is a link you can click on and watch:

Here is the post I wrote last month:

No one looks forward to that moment when something unexpected happens and turns life margaret-dbbie-prayupside down. We live in a crazy world gone mad and anything is
possible at any time. Being mentally, emotionally and spiritually prepared is no longer a luxury.

Being well prepared for an eventual catastrophe doesn’t mean you have to live on edge, always looking of the worst. It doesn’t mean you have to be on constant vigil just waiting for things to collapse. But, it is wise to take stock and be prepared for any eventuality. For me it was the night my son died in an auto accident. It was any parent’s worst nightmare. Police came to the door during the night and my world was turned upside down.Here are seven anchors you can grab ahold of in the storm. They have worked for me, they will work for you.

  1. Pray: Just a quick prayer makes a huge difference. God sees your heart. He immediately knows the depth of what you are facing. He doesn’t need all the details. Just cry out to Him. Commit the situation to Him.
  2. Partner: Call someone. A great part of arriving well prepared at this moment are the key, critical ingredients you already have in place, like friends and family. Connections are a critical part of crisis management. Get connected now, for there is great power flowing in your connections.
  3. Positive: Staying calm, cool, collected and in control is a must part of your crises tool box. This doesn’t mean there aren’t tears and strong emotions. It means they don’t take control. You are in control. Focus on positive thoughts. Where your mind goes your emotions follow. Say, “I can get through this.” “I am able.” “I am highly favored by the almighty God of the universe.” Awesome grandmothers, wives and mothers can choose to be tough minded and can cope with anything!
  4. Make a Plan: Think of what you would say to someone else in your situation and write it down. You’ll have to put one foot in front of the other and the thoughts you have written will help  guide you when you are numb.
  5. Personal: Don’t take it personal. The enemy would have you think it’s your fault. Remember no matter what mistakes you may have made, the grace of God overrides them all.
  6. Pace: Slow things down. No matter who or what is screaming, “Do something now!” you can choose to set the pace. Give yourself reasons to slow things down, “I need to call my husband.” I need to let so and so know.” “Let’s do this first.”
  7. Percolate: Make coffee and sit on the back deck and watch the sunset or sunrise. Give time for things to settle down and soak in. You think and plan better when you are at peace. Create as much peace as you can. Trust that God will show you the way. is a great place to exchange ideas. Share something that has worked for you that keeps you calm, cool and collected in a crisis. Go grandmothers! You are awesome, a formidable force. You can make the difference in your family.