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Overcoming Overwhelming! – 5 Proven Ways You Can Turn Your “I Am Overwhelmed” Into “I Have Overcome!”

   Life can be overwhelming. But, you can, with the help of God and other awesomeimg_2908 grandmothers, turn “It’s overwhelming” into “I’m overcoming!” Let’s look at four signs that you might be overwhelmed and then at five surefire, proven ways I myself have used to move from being overwhelmed, to being overjoyed at the prospects of the coming days.

What Causes Overwhelmed

     Overwhelmed is too many things going on, too many issues, too many problems, too many relationships, too much to manage, or too many facts to consider. It all adds up to an overwhelming sense there is too much going on to maintain control. Overwhelmed is all about control. Can I control my path, my future, my outcome? Can I get what I want? Overwhelmed happens when we get overcommitted and get so much input, or so much pushing on us that we sense we can’t possibly manage it all to a good outcome.

Here are four signs you may be overwhelmed: 

1 – Implode. You shut down. You just don’t want to deal with it, so you go to extremes to avoid it. Your mind shuts down, your emotions shut down, your thinking locks up, or forward motion stops. “I don’t want to talk about it.” You retreat emotionally, mentally or even physically.

2 – Explode: You act out. In an attempt to shake off the overload, you do something drastic and extreme to release the tension. You say things you wouldn’t normally say, using words you wouldn’t normally use. You say something, throw something, eat something, or tell someone off.

3 – Overload: You go into a frenzy of doing. Push, push, push. Work hard, work long, and work late.

4 – Unload: We find someone, breakdown into a crying jag and tell them our whole life story for two hours straight.

Five surefire, proven ways to move from “I am overwhelmed” to “I have overcome!”

1 – Say no to the negative: The very first thing you are going to do is change your focus. You know how in the movies they change the focal point on a camera from background to foreground? You’re going to do the same thing, change what is important in your picture. Move your focal point from what might go wrong to what is going to go right.

2 – Say no to low priorities: I find a quiet place, make a pot of my favorite tea, take a two hour no stress mini-vacation and make a list of everything that’s going on and then I prioritize the list. Whatever I can take off the list or move down the list, I do it.

3 – Learn to say no to people:  Call up the people who are fueling the lower priorities and say, “I love you, but I am sorry, I just can’t.” Then look at the high priorities and decide to which one of them you can say, “You’ll have to wait until later.”

4 – Say no to the enemy: Next you pray. When you pray say no to the enemy. “I will not listen to you.” If your thoughts are doubt, fear, unbelief or negative, then you know that’s the enemy talking. You begin to take authority over your life by taking authority over negative. Tell the enemy a resounding, “No! I will not listen to what might happen.”

5 – Say yes to God: Control is an illusion. You don’t have control anyway! Stress multiplies when you try to take control. Do what you can and leave the rest to God, then rest. The most powerful thing you can do is say, “Yes, God. You can have control and whatever you decide is fine.”

Move from being overwhelmed to being an overcomer this week and you are one awesome Grandmother!

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