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Baggage or Luggage – Which Are You Carrying? by Debra Susan Bowman
Published on: January 1, 2017

   2017 is a journey and you can take either baggage or luggage. Baggage weighs you down, slows you down, and drags you down. Here’s three kinds of baggage you will want to dump fast. On the other hand, here’s three kinds of power packed luggage you can carry that will energize your journey, and help you win big in the coming twelve months.

Bad Baggage 1: Doubt and Fear 

     It doesn’t matter how bad last year was, you don’t want to drag the baggage of baggage-overloadednegativity into the future with you. Negativity makes it harder for things to go your way because it clouds eyesight. You may not see opportunities for breakthrough right in front of you if you are too worried that things may turn out the way they have before. Doubt drives people away that God may be sending to help you. No matter what happened in the past, determine to defeat doubt and fear in 2017.

Power Luggage 1: A Positive Attitude

     While negativity weighs you down a positive attitude lifts you up. Even if you are not sure how things will go, positive attracts positive. When you put positive words out into the atmosphere around you, the world around you will tend to open up and give you more.


Bad Baggage 2: Resentment 

Anger burns high amounts of energy you need to stay the course and succeed. Resentment tends to focus your attention on what has gone wrong and divert your attention from what you need to be doing right. You need to be looking at what can go right for things to go right in 2017!

Power Luggage 2 – Believe You Will Win

     Believing is powerful. Once I was sharing a really positive picture of the future with a colleague of mine and they said, “I’ll believe that when I see it.” Faith shot right up inside me and I proclaimed strongly right back at them, “And you will see it because I believe it!”  And they did! You don’t know how everything will turn out this year, but this is for sure, if you face the year doubting – it may turn out well, but you’ll have made the journey less enjoyable. If you face the year believing, even if everything doesn’t go exactly as you hope, at least you will have filled the journey with positive. Since ninety percent of life is getting there, fill the journey with as much faith and joy you can and you will succeed this year.

Bad Baggage 3 – Unforgiveness

     When you fail to forgive you bind the person you haven’t forgiven to your side and you drag them with you into your future. Bitterness keeps repeating and expanding the negative emotions that came when someone wronged you. Forgive and you detach yourself from those toxic thoughts and emotions that will be sure to drag you down as you reach toward your goal, and strive to succeed this  year.

Power Luggage 3 – Get Hungry!

     To win in 2017 you need to pack in new knowledge. If you want a new outcome you haveluggage-1
to think a new way. To think a new way you have to learn what that way is, and that requires knowledge. Read a book, take a seminar, or listen to a pod cast by someone who have experienced breakthrough in the area you need and you will succeed in 2017!

      How exciting to face new challenges carrying luggage packed with faith! God has blessings in store above what you can comprehend. Look for them, live them and share them. Have a glorious trip without encumbrances and enjoy.

Love, Debbie

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debbie-zoeyDebbie Bowman is a retired nurse with forty years experience in intensive care, a wife, grandmother and great-grandmother and author of The Summer of Paintless Toenails: loosing a son, gaining a grandson. Her books and blog are to designed to help awesome grandmothers raise a generation of whole, healthy, and happy grandchildren.