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Grandmothers Give
Published on: January 18, 2017

There is no price index for the value of what you give to your family. The giving happens in so many avenues for sure and one kind of give we want to avoid is give up. You have so much to offer in so many ways and it will return to you overflowing. Here’s some things you can give that God will honor and return to you pressed down and running over.

anthony-debbie-mallGIVE TO OTHERS

Mothers and Grandmothers are known for their sacrifices. We furnish finances and then do without ourselves. When it comes to enabling those who would use and abuse our kindnesses we have to stop. It’s hard to draw a line  in the sand, especially when children are  involved. It may be the best for them to learn how to stand on their own and take responsibility. I have found it’s all right to help when payments are paid back. Take your grandkids shopping and splurge on them occasionally.


Listen to kids, grandkids, or friends. They need to know someone cares. Give wise counsel if called for. You do have much to offer. Our love overflows and we should give of this abundance.


Cooking, cleaning, caring for, or babysitting is all about giving your time. Take time to read a book, watch a Paw Patrol, play on the floor ( at least as long as your knees allow). Give your kids your undivided attention. Show support for their sports or activities.


Realize you have to care for yourself to be there for others. Take care of you, physically and emotionally. Have visits with your doctor. If stressed or angry, get help. Counseling or support group. Maintain connections with family and friends, like an electric cord this connection gives power and will energize so you can function and give back. Have coffee and chat or shop and splurge on yourself this time. Sit on the back porch and watch the sunrise and reflect on the awesome day ahead of you.


Forgive comes from an old english word meaning to give completely (forgiefan). You forgive someone not because they deserve it, but so they can’t hold you captive and your thoughts and behavior are not punished by the one who did the wounding. If you can’t do it on your own, ask God to do it through you, for you and those you love.


God has given you himself in the form of Jesus so we could know Him and have eternal life. John 3:16. He gives us every breath we breathe. If you give him yourself, you will have peace and joy beyond your comprehension , now and forevermore. Set your hearts and minds daily on Him, read His Word, pray, give your time,thanks and finances.

Giving rewardS the giver. A random act of kindness, a planned purchase for a thoughtful  present to someone, or your time,talent and treasure. It will be returned to you overflowing in many ways. Seeing my grandson mature into a caring, responsible  and unselfish member of society is most gratifying, above and beyond anything I could expect. It’s worth every effort I make for him.

Please let us know how you give and the rewards that have come as a result. Thanks!