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Check Your Alignment
Published on: January 25, 2017

Life is imperfect. We all have problems and conflicts: a husband who is distant, a child debbie-zoeywho is disobedient, a checking account that needs cash, a boss that’s underhanded, a body that is sick, or a friend that stabs you in the back and on it goes. However, while you can’t always control what happens to you, you can control what happens in you. What you decide to do when your problem seems insurmountable is key to whether the problem releases the Destroyer or the Defender. Your choice in the moment of pressure is critical. Here is how you can snatch victory from the jaws of certain defeat by making the right decision in the moment of extreme pressure; to realign yourself with the truth, to believe your Defender over the Accuser.

     While conflict takes place “above the line,” in real life: marriage, family, health, finances, relationships, or business – the real battle is fought below the line, in the unseen, by your choices as to who you believe, your Accuser or your Redeemer.

     A while back a friend of mine came to me discouraged. Her husband was distant and she was afraid this marriage would be what she had experienced before; distance, dissatisfaction, affairs and eventually divorce. She needed encouragement. What was I supposed to say? How was I supposed to help her?

You Need An Alignment

      When a car steers off hard to one side and heads for the ditch what do you do? You go have the alignment checked. People are similar. When problems pull on us we can get pulled off track, and what should we do? Check our alignment. So, I let her open her heart to me and I began to examine her alignment. She used all the familiar adjectives and phrases to describe her anxiety, but I already knew what the problems was. She had become misaligned. She knew the facts, but she needed to realign herself with the truth.

Who Do You Believe?

     When we become misaligned we have begun to believe what the Accuser (Satan) says, rather than what our Advocate (Jesus) says. Circumstances may give facts, but the Accuser uses those facts to steal your victory, kill your dreams and destroy your life.

  The root word accuser in the Bible means to stab. The Accuser uses inner, negative accusations to stab at you, to wound you so that courage bleeds out and you become discouraged. As you subtly accept the stab and move more distant from the truth, that God loves you, is for you and will redeem you and your situation, hope flees and discouragement sets in. But there is hope! You can realign.


     When you realize the misalignment has taken place you can say a resounding, “No!” You can realign yourself with the truth; that God is faithful, that He is able and has solutions and can make a way where there seems to be none. When you realign, hope begins to floods back in. The Accuser may have his facts right, maybe you have failed in the past, but the Defender has truth that is greater than the fact!

     When you believe the accusation, “You are no good.” “You’ve failed before.” “Here we go again.” “God has forgotten me” “I am guilty” “I don’t deserve to be healed and blessed” you open yourself to receive and activate what the accusation proposes. When you align yourself with the Word, you release the power of the Holy Spirit to bring you a new and different outcome. Believing the Accuser shuts you down and shuts off hope. Believing in your Redeemer and Advocate opens you up to new ideas, new insights and the hope to keep going to victory and the abundant life.

Who Says So?

     When my friend finished her declaration of hopelessness I said, “Who told you that?” She just looked at me and finally said, “I guess my past told me that. I’ve failed here before.” I said, “No, the Accuser is using the facts against you, but the Defender has the truth and His truth overcomes the facts. Your Savior has paid the price and the past does not have to repeat itself. The truth is you are an awesome woman that God intends to bless in every way! You will have victory because with God all things are possible.” She began to have a renewed countenance as she chose to realign herself with the truth. God is good and He loves you and He will bless you!

     Who you align yourself with makes all the difference in what you get from your problem. Align with the Accuser and you get discouragement, death and destruction. Align yourself with your Advocate and you become a conduit for healing, power and abundance.

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