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Intense Care
Published on: March 16, 2017

Emily BirthI worked intensive care for many years.  In I.C.U. you get a maximum turn around given in a short time  with great force and a goal of recovery. I had a passion for this, but now my passion is raising a grandchild and helping other grandparents that take on this endeavor.

I tackle that challenge with extreme impassioned effort. I know I have a short time to impact my grandchildren’s  lives and promote recovery. They grow up so fast. I remember my older grandkids when they were five and put handprints in the cement by our pump house. I look at those with fondness almost every day. Now they are adults with lives of their own. The grandchildren we help now become the adults of tomorrow!

Here are a few other correlations between raising grandkids and I.C.U. and making sure they get the total intense care they need:

1 – OBSERVATION:  They need observation and monitoring, then correction and treatment and then continued observation for any change in condition, behavior or erratic heart rhythm, for their emotions may be topsy-turvy at times.

2 – MONITOR VITAL SIGNS. Watch for change in vital signs. Stable vital signs are vital to maintain a healthy, productive life. In intensive care this would be heart rate, respirations and blood pressure. In grandchildren you would monitor words, attitudes, body language, respect and outlook.

3 – ADMINISTERING – In the I.C.U. it was my responsibility to administer meds and evaluate for improved condition. Administering to the needs of your grandchildren means  you correct and discipline them toward a  healthy attitude about their future, authority and discipline. Administer these with a view of creating whole, healthy and happy patients and grandkids.

4 – INS AND OUTS – In intensive care we called it monitoring I & O (Ins and outs). This means what goes in effects what comes out.  A great Dr I know says, no pressure, no pee. (Referring to blood pressure and urine output.) Grandpa Cratchet calls this garbage in, garbage out. Monitor foods, media, friends, anything that gives input to your grandchildren. What goes in is what will go out; monitor the input and watch the output.

Grandparents need intense care for themselves too!  You need the strength and wherewithal to guide grandkids in life’s journey. So put one foot in front of the other, keep informed, maintain rest and calm, and do preventative care. You need the right input, encouragement, so you can produce the right output for your grandkids and yourself.

We are having a support group to encourage to grandparents in this challenging but rewarding  journey. It’s called Lifeline for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren , We meet every Tuesday at 10:00-11:30 at Southview Church in Kokomo, In. Bring your precious grandkids if  you need to. Hope to see you there!

Take total intense care!  Debbie