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A Writer’s Dream
Published on: March 31, 2017

dreaming2The other night I had a dream. In part of the dream I was at the Casa Bella Room at Pastariffic and  I asked a housekeeper who was cleaning up the room what they thought we needed and she said, “You need security.” When I woke I wrote the dream down and said, “God, what is security. What does that mean? Do we need police there?” (I know how rowdy all you awesome grandmothers can be! LOL) As I prayed I felt God saying we need to have a place where grandmothers feel warm, secure and safe. Grandmothers need a haven, a place where they are accepted no matter what, where they can share their hurts and failures in the secure arms of others on the same path. While our book launch will be very public, it will be a safe place where you will be accepted, where you can open your heart to other grandmothers and they will understand, support and love. We’re all in this together. This launch is not about our book  – its about helping awesome grandmothers make their dream to raise a generation of whole, happy and healthy grandchildren come true. Our nation needs it. See you there: Southview Church, Kokomo, Indiana, April 29th from 2 to 4. This is just the start! Love, Debbie