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Overwhelmed in a Good Way
Published on: May 17, 2017

We have all been overwhelmed at some time or other. Life gets full and busy. How do we ever find time to do all that’s required fLowes at Zoorom grocery shopping, to accomplishing business details, working  many hours to bring in a paycheck, running the kids or spending quality time with them, or- like me writing a book. There may be this compelling pressure to accomplish even the basic things that need done. The Doctor’s report or health issues may be overwhelming, this is a challenge we may have to deal with.

Time seems to be a factor in much of this. We all are given the same 24 hours so use them wisely. Put one foot in front of the other, sometimes tentatively to see whether that is the way to go. We are all overwhelmed on occasion, but just don’t camp out there. Dismantle the camp, tear it apart so you can move on.  Sounds like a camping analogy. I don’t like to camp, give me the closest bed and breakfast! But let’s go with the camping angle to see how to find the energy to come out of the overwhelming camp.

1) Choose to break the camp apart. Set your mind. Don’t  jump in and let the nearby lake and waves keep you tossed and stifled, doggy paddling but going nowhere, gasping for air. Take the initiative to be a victor.

2) Get help. Connections to family and friends will help in this endeavor. You are not alone. One can put out the fire, one can help pack the tent away,  and someone can load the car so you are ready for a quick get away. Conversation or coffee, plugging into people will be like an appliance that is plugged in, giving energy to function fully as you are meant to. Counseling is an option for some, to restore their damaged emotions or straighten out the twisted road they’re on.

3) Have the right things in your backpack to make your load lighter. Laughter, joy, encouragement, positive words and thoughts, and gratitude will make your load easier and more fun to bear. If you carry unforgiveness, resentment, anger, negative words or thoughts your journey will be strenuous and difficult. Ask the Giver of life and the Lifter of your head to help you lighten your load.

4) Don’t feed the wildlife. This is dangerous and may start a cycle of enabling that is difficult to end. The result may ravage those involved, including the children.

5) Clutter leads to chaos, cleanliness to calm. So clean up the trash and straighten up the area. Leave it like you found it. Put out the fire so devastation won’t happen because of carelessness.

6) Take down camp one piece at a time. Don’t be overwhelmed with too much to do. Have a plan on what to do first, there has to be priority in your order of doing things. You can’t take the frame apart without removing the main tent.

7) Hike out one foot in front of the other. No matter what we are faced with, we all go one step at a time. Sometimes we don’t feel like it, but life or care for others mandates going forward. Do it and your emotions  and feeling will follow.

8) Drive away and don’t look back. Leave the distractions, or negativity that have overwhelmed  you behind.  Go forward with  the anticipation of excitement. An awesome new adventure awaits you.

9) Finally be overwhelmed in a good way! God is your heavenly Father and He loves you so much, He cares what you are going through. Be Overwhelmed in His presence as He sustains you now and forever. Sense His loving arms around you and under you to keep you from falling. There is a great song by Big Daddy Weave called “Overwhelmed” that says “I delight myself in you, in the glory of your presence, I’m overwhelmed by You.”

10) Grandchildren are a glorious gift. It is so overwhelming the love you feel for your kid’s kids. We make such an impact for the positive in the lives of the little ones entrusted to our care, whether full time or not, the value and blessing is full time and overwhelming! We can save their lives and raise whole, Lowes at Zoohealthy, happy, and productive people.  What an honor!

So go- be overwhelmed in an amazing awesome way! God bless you and yours!

Love , Debbie