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Published on: June 7, 2017


To be content is a wonderful place to be. We want to Fair Oaks Farms north of LafayetDebbie Margaret Zoey Laughingte In. to see the milking process and I saw a positive allegory to cows and grandmothers. Notice I said positive, not negative, like “she’s such a cow”, which would be a rude comment. There is life and beauty in a milk cow.


     A contented cow is a calm cow. She is happy and tranquil as she fulfills her divine destiny of giving milk, and she does that well. Average milk production is 8 gal/ day.

A contented grandmother is a calm grandmother with a happy household. There may be moments of craziness with frustration or being overwhelmed, especially if raising grandkids. It’s O.K. for those moments, but don’t stay there. They are bound to come, but seek peace and calm for that is where life  and hope flourish. Take a walk in the sunshine, journal, or get coffee and chat with a friend.


     As a cow gives milk, she chews her cud. This step is essential in the digestive process that results in milk. It is partially digested food the cattle returns from the first stomach (they have 4!) to the mouth for further chewing.

As grandmothers think things over or reflect, it’s like chewing the cud. As we do this, we reflect on what a blessing our grandkids are and how we can make things better in their life’s journey.


     As the milk is taken, it relieves pressure in the cow. This lessoning of pressure gives a flow of life to all who partake of it.

As we grandmothers gives our flow of life, we will sacrifice, give time, treasure and talents. It will produce life and nourishment to all benefiting from our flow.


     Cows are comfortable in the herd, they know their friends and enjoy being together.

Connections are crucial as grandmothers get together with their friends.  We get comfort and support, knowing we are cared for. Comfort multiplies comfort back to us. There is a nourishment that comes from deep connections with others. After my son died I received great comfort in the painful places when I felt comfort from the support of my friends and family.


     These cows lie on sand beds to keep them cool and cushioned. Their temp is greater than 101 degrees, so the summer heat may bother them.

Girls like to lie on sand with the sun and waves. At least when we were young, now it’s limited fun due to skin cancer, wrinkles, hot flashes, and age spots! But I know I will always have a soft spot for lying on the beach!

I couldn’t think of a c word for bowel movement, but a cow’s poop gives power! Biogas, from methane. Let’s not go there for us grandmothers.

“I have learned, in whatsoever state I am in there with to be content.” Phil 4:11. The Word of God admonishes us to be content. Calm and rest in this journey we are on is a peaceful and enjoyable place for anyone to be. God bless you as you strive for contentment, you awesome grandmother !

Love, Debbie