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Love or Limitations
Published on: June 30, 2017


Anthony Malachi Brooke Costumes     We love our children from the moment of birth and before. It is frustrating when our kids don’t care for our grandkids though. How do you continue to love and preserve that relationship? It’s called tough love. You set your boundaries  and focus on your priority, the grandkids. “God has lavished his love on us…” 1 John 3:1. Love is tied with lavish. My cousin made the best carrot cake lavished with cream cheese icing. It was thick,creamy, and pouring over the edges. My dad’s favorite! We love our grandkids greater than this. Far above our human comprehension, There is a deep bond between us. We lavish love, blessings, hugs, patience and kindness  on them in a luxurious portion. As far as our kids go, we may not always like what they do, but we love them.


     We share extraordinary  love, lessons, and life with our grandkids. Then we have a young person who exceeds our expectations.


     Of the many challenges in life, one of the most heartrending is a handicapped child. They start with a disadvantage, so any small step is a huge gain to be celebrated. Offer support or help to a parent or grandparent going through this for it can be quite draining or frustrating.

We have a grandson with autism. He has gone to Autism school and made great strides. Much effort and  many dollars from the family have made this happen. Still, the future looms before him as an unknown. Will he be in a group home? We all must put one foot in front of the other on our journey.

As mere mortals we do have limitations. Therefore we must remember how God , the creator of the universe cares for us and our young ones we care for.


     We have the opportunity to see our handicapped or disabled grandchild rise above the expectations that have been holding them back. We instill in them the motivation to accomplish great things in life and feel good about themselves.

Don’t let limitations limit your love and care. Press forward and you will be blessed!

Love, Debbie