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The Most Power 3 Words on Earth besides I Love You are I Forgive You.
Published on: July 4, 2017

“The most powerful 3 words on earth besides I love you are I forgive you.” Author and speaker, Debra Susan Bowman

You have to forgive your children. You have to forgive God. You have to forgive yourself. Forgiveness puts the gas in your believing engine. Forgiveness releases the brakes that are keeping your car steadfastly stuck in the past. Forgiveness is like pulling the lever on a big dump truck that lifts the bed and dumps the load. Forgiveness doesn’t open the door to abuse, or put you back into the muck, forgiveness releases the load that is holding you back, thats keeping you in the muck. Forgiveness breaks off the chains of oppression and control from someone or something done to you or said to you, so you are now free to move forward, to make headway, to fully press in, to full embrace a new path and a new life. Unforgiveness keeps you thinking about all the negative that was while forgiveness frees you to think about all the positive that might be be. How do you know when you have truly forgiven? When the memory no longer controls. Leave the retribution to God and forgive and keep on forgiving until the freedom arrives and without the load you will run the race faster and longer and you will win!