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God Bless America!
Published on: August 8, 2017

Anthony Bear Watch VideoThere is a new dynamic in this great country challenging families. It’s in the political realm. It’s very common for families or friends to have different views and votes. So why now is it dividing people? I just spent several days with my sisters who are on a different plateau politically than I am. We won’t go into who supports who, but I feel family should support family.

Some have a fear of the future and what will happen in this country. This fear and concern drives them to become angry. What is the root cause? God’s perfect love casts out fear. I walk in that peace. It’s not sticking my head in the sand, it’s having a peace that passes understanding.

Many cry out for us to be tolerant, so I echo that request back. Be sensitive to others; kind, not harsh; loving and caring. I pray for divine love to be imparted to everyone.

As grandparents we must be aware of the political spectrum for it effects our grandkids and their future. So consider what is going on in the news, but don’t let it consume you and distract you as you pray for your kids, our country and the world. Put one foot in front of the other and be on the school board or run for mayor. For you are able to make a difference. I ask that you not be critical of those who don’t support the political view you have. For we do live in the United States of America where freedom reigns.

God Bless America!