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Fondness for Fall
Published on: September 21, 2017

Autumn is in the air

And we love it in all it’s glory.

The way grands and kids enjoy

 Is their own unique story.

hershey family pickens walk park

The view of colorful leaves

Creates many smiles.

My grandson’s favorite

Is to jump in crispy piles.



Kids carve a face

 In a pumpkin with glee.

 I prefer pumpkin

 In a pie or coffee.



Opinion varies about

Back to school.

But reprieve from the

Summer heat is cool.



We both count soft fuzzy caterpillars

 Crossing the country roads.

  A signal of new life

 And the hope it bodes.



God has given us seasons to celebrate

 With spectacular scenes.

 And we agree that being together

 Is the best treat for halloween.


Have an amazing fall as you make a difference in the young life you care for, you awesome grandmother!

Love, Debbie