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Popsicles for Breakfast?

A friend of mine pondered this question when her 3 year old grandson approached her with it. Can I have a popsicle for breaAnthony Debbie Mall Eatingkfast? As grandmother’s our initial reaction is no! But why not? What does it hurt as long as they eat a balanced diet? ! I cheat because I make my popsicles from juice or almond chocolate milk, so they are good for you. If truth be known sometimes I eat my dessert first. Especially if it’s a pumpkin torte and I have to wait while they fix my sandwich.

As we ponder this, other issues come to light. Are we such rule followers that we are not flexible? Sometimes I remember I was to strict with my son. There were schedules to keep, work, school and I had to care for his father who had a terminal illness. I have always been a rule follower ( though my parents might not agree with that.) I am left brained and at times chose logic over life. I may feel this rising up in me as I raise my grandson, but I step back, put it on a shelf, take a deep breath and smell Anthony’s stinky feet! I encourage you to enjoy the moment. Yes, there have to be rules, but not rigid ones. Be flexible. This allows the kid’s creativity to flow. I stifled some of that in my son. I ask God’s forgiveness. I did the best I knew. I’m grateful that God is good and His mercy is everlasting.

By being flexible you don’t dominate your kids ideas. They need to grow up to be thinkers in this world we live in. It gives them accountability and responsibility as they see their ideas come to fruition or be rerouted. Their creativity has a chance to blossom as they consider the impact of their thoughts and learn to respect others ideas.  We teach respect for authority, schools, teachers, police, handicapped and elders. This is an important part of manners and getting along well in life which impacts relationships with others and their overall life outcome. What a blessed opportunity to influence the awesome person our young one will become.

Everyday is a great adventure. There may be twists and turns in life but pick your battle with your kids so the journey will be smooth and paved with good decisions on both your parts. Popsicles for breakfast? Okay! Like dessert, the best is yet to come!

Love, Debbie

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Sam is a businessman, writer, entertainer, speaker, husband, father to five children, grandfather and great grandfather. Sam graduated from Huntington University with a B.A. in psychology and drama and pursued a degree in Broadcasting from Illinois Central College with graduate degree in Christian Ministry from Christian Leadership University. Sam is the creator of Granpa Cratchet, one of the most successful touring shows in the history of the live events industry. Millions of people see Granpa every year all across the United States at fairs and festivals. His characters have appeared on every major network: Good Morning America, Entertainment Tonight, The Today Show (4 times). Sam and his characters have made over 500 local appearances and on all the major networks; NBC, CBS, ABC, ESPN, PBN, The LeSea Network, The PTL Network and Praise the Lord. They currently appear all around the world every week on YouTube and Facebook, and on several satellite networks via the Kidz Television Network and The Captain Hook (children's) Show.

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