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Saving Grands
Published on: October 23, 2017

Grandparents raising grandkids are heDebbie Anthony Grace Ethanroes! They tackle the many challenges for the well-being and benefits of the innocents who are committed to their care. They are saving the United States of America because they are saving the next generation. Where would the kids be without the love and stability they experience? The life lessons they learn, including respect and integrity are preparing them for a great future..

We became guardians of Anthony on the day his daddy died. He was eighteen months old.  I became passionate for other grandmothers doing the awesome task of raising grandkids. Watching Anthony become a productive member of society is it’s own great reward. Even at four years old I see manners, kindness and caring that will go with him the rest of his life.

Whether full or part time, I see grandparents sacrificing their time, talent and treasure for the benefits of their grandchildren and those around them.

Time:  Many put their own plans on the back burner for diapers, kindergarten or high school activities. The landscape of your family room and world is changed when a young one enters your daily schedule. Many days are a challenge, but it is changed for the better.

Talent: Grands reassess their abilities, reach down deep and see that they are well able to do what they never dreamed they could. Whether wrestling on the floor or disguising vegetables, you have a fantastic opportunity to impact kids.

Treasure: Really your grandkids are your treasures! Cherish them, instill values, discipline, love and guidance. I know you have to watch your budget and retirement funds, but the best investment you will have is those precious little ones.

A friend who is raising her three year old grandson, said, “People say you are saving the grandkids when you take them in, but really he saved us.” Amazing sentiment! I wish you and yours well.

Love, Debbie