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Treasure Found
Published on: November 11, 2017

Marg and Deb
I am humbled by the fantastic time I was just privileged to have. It began thirty-five years ago. A simple day trip with friends from work for Christmas shopping. It blossomed into day trips in Nashville, Indiana in Brown County to celebrate Fall’s beauty, shop, and of course partake of the fine cuisine. We started inviting more friends and lengthening our stay to overnight trips. We weren’t satisfied with one night. It was just not enough time. So we decided we might as well stay two nights.

Deb and LeeAnnFast forward to today. What began with a group of young mothers now has become a group of awesome grandmothers. We have lived through much together, good times and tragic times. It’s hard to capture in words, but I will try with the acronym FRIENDS!

F – Fun. Laughter infuses every aspect, from planning, to crazy Cranium games, to good-byes. Joy abounds as new friends are made and old acquaintances are renewed.

R – Rest and refreshing are an importantpart of our time away. For it is a pause in our daily and sometimes hectic schedules. We take time to nap, knit, shop or read. This energizes us to focus on the future.

I – Intentional. We make an effort on purpose to retreat from our routine. We are blessed to have great family support in this endeavor. Co-ordination with our family, work, and retirement schedules makes it possible. It is important  and a priority we look forward to.

E – Excitement. There is a passion we experience for this extraordinary time. It is the stuff dreams are made of.

N – Nutrition is necessary. Eating out and being served is a special treat that is enjoyed by one and all. Snacks, desserts, and caramel apples are all available at our beckon call. Our Story is, we are Artists that go out of the Ordinary way to Hobnob with special people. (Think about this line- you may get it!)
This time also feeds us emotionally, as we leave feeling special and important.

D – Devotion. We are devoted to many things in life, our jobs,families, friends, home and our God. We have spiritual devotions as we share God’s Word and how powerful and impactful His love is for each of us. Concerns and cares are shared in an atmosphere of love and acceptance.

S – Sisters. Sometimes biologically, sometimes not so much- but the bond is there. When my son died in 2014, my Brown County sisters got a tree in memory of Zachary. As his son and the tree grow, we see a symbol of Zachary’s life. What may look dead, blossoms in the spring  and is transformed in the fall, looking more alive than ever!  That’s my son, more alive than ever! I am blessed to share this with Anthony, Zachary’s young son.

An awesome aspect of any vacation is the planning and looking forward to it. So next year, it’s Christmas at the B&B.

Deb and SusieIf you don’t have this, don’t feel sad. Start with coffee, chat with a friend, grow to two  or three friends, and then a shopping trip. It’s never to late to start. Sixty is the new forty. Relish special times with family and friends. As awesome as it is to get away together, It’s more awesome to come home. Dorothy had it right, “There’s no place like home!”

Love, Debbie