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You Can Do It!
Published on: December 14, 2017

You can impact your grandkids for the positive, despite the challenges. For awesome grandmothers there is a special bond from their moment of birth for your kids kids! They have your heart from the beginning to the end. Sometimes beyond that, I still dream about my granny and grandpa and it’s so good to see them though they have been gone for many years, the effect on my life still resonates. My sisters feel the same.

It’s okay to be overwhelmed or frustrated sometimes, we all are. But don’t camp out there. There are ways to function fully as God intended for you to. You have the opportunity to keep grandkids safe, happy, healthy and productive. The little ones may have had a rocky start on their journey but you can help influence them to live in victory. Here’s four your can do it actions you can take that will help you meet the challenges:

1) Pray daily for wisdom for you and your family. You are a person of wisdom through the Holy Spirit. That is so fantastic! You are not alone. Trust God for everything, Read His Word, He will guide your steps and comfort you along the way.  In all  areas you must battle from a position of victory, whether financial ,emotional or physical.  Jesus came to heal the brokenhearted and whatever you’ve been through causing pain, wounding or a broken heart will be restored. There are sins passed down from previous generations called generational curses. Whatever sins or addictions  those in the past had can be broken in Jesus name and they will have no effect on your young one or future generations. They can live in freedom

2) Advance one foot in front of the other. Do what needs to be done, One step or one minute at a time. Press through the haze or pain. The kids need to be fed, diaper changed, or off to school. The needs of what needs done often spur us forward. If you are depressed, you may feel in a box, choose to kick one foot out of the box to start this process of forward motion. Just do it and your emotions will follow.

3) Connect with friends, family, support group, or counseling. This is like an electric cord that energizes and keeps you going. Get coffee and chat with a friend, it will help you process what is going on in your life. Journaling gets your thoughts and feelings out there and helps you sort through. Reading good books and journaling were like a counselor to me when I lost my first husband at 32 and when my son was acting out. I read Parents in Pain multiple times when my son was rebellious.

4) Maintain a positive demeanor. Speak words of affirmation over these kids who may be broken. Do it with excitement and enthusiasm! I sing Good Morning Sunshine  loudly and with animation to Anthony every morning with hugs and kisses, he expects it now! It may take time, but the seeds you sow will grow into a healthy harvest in their lives. What a blessing for them to have you, and vice versa. It may be slow, but the kids will transform and progress will be seen.  Science has proven you can make new pathways in your brain, over the thorns and thistles that may be there causing negative thinking. Validate the kids so they will feel like they are a treasure worth uncovering. Also take time to refresh, replenish and sow into your own life, then you will be full and overflow so you can be there for others.

You have a tremendous opportunity before you to make a difference in the next generation. You can do it! Go you awesome grandmother and make a difference in the United States of America, one precious child at a time, causing them to be whole, healthy, and happy. God bless!

Love, Debbie