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Healing from the Inside Out
Published on: December 27, 2017

Debbie Margaret Zoey LaughingDo you want hope for the new year? We all look forward to an amazing future and as grandparents our deepest desire is for the well being of our kids and grandkids. If you want to change your new year for the best, you must change yourself from the inside out. It takes thirty days to break a habit. You can create new pathways in your brain. But, there are deeper emotional levels that may need addressed.

Strong emotions may continue to feed the old habit. Therefore they need dealt with if they are negative. Inner healing (from the “inside” out) will result if that path is pursued. The deepest part of this healing is re-establishing the connection with God. This brings trust and forgiveness at those deeper levels. You may say, ” but God did not help me before in a situation, so I lost trust in his abilities to help or deliver me,” or “He never heard my prayers.” When you connect with your Creator you get a current of strength and help that will restore trust in God and heal damaged emotions.

I have people I love that struggle with anger and unforgiveness. Whether it is towards themselves or others, the results can be devastating. Prayer is a powerful tool, it is putting your words before God ‘s throne and that is an awesome place to be. I trust Him to move on my loved ones behalf.

There are a lot of wonderful book’s on inner healing. The best out there tells the Greatest Story ever told, about finding hope and healing in every situation.  Enjoy those kiddos and have a blessed New Year Friends!

Love, Debbie