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5 P’s That Pulverize Pessimism
Published on: February 1, 2018


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     Reparenting can be tough. Reparenting can be challenging. Let’s face it, reparenting can be frustrating. What happens to most people when frustration hits? Pessimism. “I can’t do this!” “Good things never happen to me.” “Where are my resources?” “No one is helping!” “No one understands.” What do you do when frustration mounts to the boiling point? Here’s five P’s on how do turn pessimism into positivity and help achieve that breakthrough you need.

P Number 1: Push Back

     Frustration comes when life pressures you to a standstill. When that happens, when life puts pressure on you what do you do? You push back! Don’t sit still. Don’t take it lying down. Get up, get going and push back. Activity breaks through the barrier. Believe that you can have your breakthrough. Discovery of your answer for your breakthrough lies just around the next corner, so get up, get going, discover the next new bit of information you need to find that corner and turn it! Remember the little engine that could. He made his journey because he believed he could and this belief brought action.  Attack! Go on the offensive. Get up, get going and push back. Action pulverizes pessimism.

P Number 2: Perspective

     Frustration comes when you think there are no more answers to be found. Take off the blinders that keep you from seeing new options by becoming an Eagle. Fly up high and get a new view, see the bigger picture. Get a new look, a new angle, a new perspective, see some new options. When you have the right perspective, there is power to achieve. Whether grandkids, job, illness, or family problems, get a new perspective, get an anything-is-possible attitude and you will see options that were obscured from your sight or reach before. Perspective pulverizes pessimism.

P Number 3: Peace

     When frustration hits peace evaporates. However, peace may be your greatest ally when faced with reparenting, or any problem in life. Dr. Caroline Leaf, in her book, Who Switched Off My Brain, tells us that stress shuts down blood flow to the brain and that makes it harder to think. On the other hand, staying calm in the middle of the storm opens up the blood flow to the brain allowing it to function better, see more and reach better conclusions. How do you stay at peace? Remember Who holds your future. Keep your eyes on the Hill from where your help cometh. Remember, most of what life is feeding you is a lie. Deny the lie and keep your eye on the Life. Divert your eyes from the attack and look to the Savior. Take a deep breath, get plenty of rest, take a five minute mini-vacation from your problems and do something fun. Pulverize frustration with peacefulness.

P Number 4: Passion

   When pessimism hits get a new passion. Passion is a strong and barely controllable emotion with enthusiasm, an intense desire for something. It makes your heart full like when you look into your grand-baby’s face. Put your mind’s eye on the future, on what that grandchild can become and achieve because you are pouring your life into them. Be intense. Passion promotes the determination you need to press into new answers, to find that new, next corner you need to turn. Your grandchildren will soak in what you display, so display a passion for them, a passion for life, a passion for overcoming problems and they will inherit your  passion for life. Passion pulverizes pessimism.

P Number 5 – Positivity

    Frustration mounts when you get negative. Confront challenging situations with the confidence that breaks the frustration. When you think positive, positive emotions will follow. Believe you can do it and you will be able to do it. It takes more muscles to frown than smile. Conserve energy and smile. That implies a winning attitude, even if you doubt the outcome. If you have a frown on your face it drags you down. This  starts a downward spiral resulting in frustration and discouragement which if not checked will evidence itself in physical symptoms. Smiling lightens the load and brings joy to you and those around you. As a nurse when I introduce myself to patients and their families, their rest and confidence in me and my care for them is boosted immediately and immensely when I meet them with a smile and remain positive about their future. You can’t always control everything, but you can always make the future better by facing it with a positive attitude.

     Achieve your breakthrough, defeat frustration and negativity by applying these five P’s that pulverize pessimism, defeat frustration and help you reparent a generation of whole, healthy and happy grandchildren.