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The Sunshine of Spring
Published on: March 15, 2018

Spring Anthony Granpa Cratchet Puppetmobilebrings the hope of warmer weather ,

and safer roads.

For grands there is the birth of new creatures,

bunnies, spiders and toads.


Grandparents enjoy lavender crocus against the white snow

blooming without care.

For kids there is heavy coats and mittens

traded for a lighter wear.


Easter brings the hope of life after death,

this is the story Spring shares without fail.

Baskets abound at Easter egg hunts,

kids, candy and coins and Peter  Cottontail.


Spring breaks might include trips

to the beach or Disney.

Even if we stay home and chill,

it’s a blast that is free.


Grands and kids watch in awe as blossoming flowers

shower the barren landscape we see.

We thrill at each songbird in the

colorful budding tree.


We have income and business with Granpa Cratchet

coming to your festival and fair.

The fun, the rides, the food, the games

are an anticipation we all share!


Love,  Debbie