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Sweet, and Sultry Summer
Published on: June 17, 2018

For grandparents and grandkids summer is cool

Ethan Anthony Chicken Coop          We get to spend lazy days at the pool.

We go to a waterpark to slide

I wooshed down a fast one and I cried.


Anthony loves riding his bike on the country road

He sees dragonflies, butterflies and a little toad.

As grandparents we love our tandem bike the best

Grandma most since grandpa pedals hardest on our quest.


Fireflies create a glow in the yard at night

Kids catch and capture them to observe their light.

As awesome as fireworks are on the fourth of July

Natures display is grand and can fly.


Summer vacation is enjoyed by all

We save our money so we can have a ball.

Now we have time away from our routine days

Plan and partake of the zoo, the park or the latest craze.


The hot sun in the sky separates day and night

As the Son shines in our heart to divide dark from light.

The sun produces heat and light in the sky

Grander still is the Son who gives life when we die.

Debbie Bowman