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6 P’s That Turn A Sore Throat Into A Positive Note 
Published on: August 21, 2018

Off to Kindergarten6 P’s That Turn A Sore Throat Into A Positive Note  – What to do when both you and your kids are sick

Anthony just started kindergarten and the first thing they are teaching is sharing. Problem is, while they’re sharing toys, games and papers they’re also sharing germs. Then guess what, after sharing around school, they share them around home.

When Anthony gets sick he goes all out. He moves from slight fever to deep congestion and low oxygen levels in a flash and it’s off to the emergency room we go. There we went last weekend and then to top it all off I came down with a sore throat. So, while Anthony was bouncing on the couch from his steroid treatments, I was stretched out on the couch with a sinus infection!

So, what do you do when both you and your grandchild don’t feel well? Here’s six suggestions that will help you turn that sore throat into a positive note.

1.) Put Your Big To-do List On the Back Burner. 

Washing the car and weeding the flower boxes can go to the back burner. The dust on the coffee table will be waiting there for you next week. Food needs to be prepared and the baby needs changed. Do only what absolutely needs to be done. Get your husband or kids to pitch in and give yourself the rest you need. Don’t turn a short term sickness into a long term setback by trying to work through it. Take time off. It will pay off in the long run.

2.) Power Naps 

When Anthony went back to school, I went to bed for a delightful and refreshing two hour nap. We trade off a Paw Patrol show for an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. During his show I sleep, during my show he sleeps. Even just thirty minutes here and there provides a big boost.

3.) Perspective

Annie got it right, the sun will come out tomorrow. Today, let go of the need to prove you’re a super grandparent. You can be the amazing mom or grandmother you are tomorrow after you and the kids are feeling better. You may be going off to the drug store today, but tomorrow will come soon enough and they will be going off to college. Find snippets to enjoy today, even from your pillow on the couch. Perspective is the key to unlocking awesome memories right where you are, even when you feel under the weather.

4.) Pull Back the Curtains and Let the Sunshine Pop In

Get up, pull the curtains back and let some sunshine in. Your sinuses may be clogged, but go for a short, brisk walk to unclog your spirits. Get your heart pumping, even for a few minutes. Exercise releases endorphins which are known as strong healing agents. Another benefit is that your emotions will follow what you put before your eyes, so get them off the dark side of your eyelids and take in some blue sky, yellow flowers and sunshine. Laughter is contagious, so go get your funny bone infected by someone who is on top of the world. Next week when you’re on top you can coax someone out from behind their curtains and help them get back on top.

5.) Prescriptions and Pills 

From over forty years of experience as a nurse I have seen many side effects so I avoid medications as much as I can, but sometimes it’s necessary. Kids can suffer dire consequences from asthma attacks. It is important to give Anthony his inhalers and breathing treatments to prevent severe attacks. If I have a sinus headache I will on occasion take a sinus pill to help relieve the pressure. We are blessed in this country to have good medical care available, so see your physician and get on top of an illness early. There’s no need to get a pill for every sniffle, but don’t put off needed treatment. Get your grandchildren to the emergency room when you have too. Better safe than sorry. I strongly recommend you visit your children’s physician first, but if you can’t then always get in right away after an E.R. visit since your children’s doctor is a specialist and knows them.

6.) Pep Up With People 

Get pepped up by having coffee, or tea, and a laugh with a friend. Caffeine is known to be beneficial with certain aliments. And, feeling under the weather can be accompanied by negative feelings about yourself or your life. Don’t add the blues to your bout of sickness. Connect with a friend and have a chat. Even though you may not feel the best, you can feel better after you engage in stimulating conversation and have a laugh or two.You need the support of friends everyday, even when you are well. Remember, letting someone help you can be a great way to help them feel better about themselves.

On a final positive note, while it may be challenging to have a five year old bouncing off the walls when you don’t feel well, remember what a privilege you have to be able to shape them into whole, happy, and healthy adults. You take care of them often enough, use your headache or sore throat to give them an opportunity to take care of you. It’s an opportunity to teach them the value of family and caring for others.

Oh, and while your kids are bouncing off the walls you might want to bounce some prayers off heaven. Hebrews 4:16 says we can come boldly to God’s throne of grace and find help in our time of need. He cares about headaches, sniffles and sore throats.

Here’s praying you and yours get well, stay well and live well.


Debbie Anthony & Hunter