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5 Ways to Enhance Your Life By Turning Over a New Leaf
Published on: October 12, 2018

By Debra Susan Bowman

YouMarg and Deb can learn from leaves. This amazing Autumn season can reveal fresh ways you can face your challenges in life. Here are 5 things about autumn leafs that will help you turn over a new leaf in your life. Let’s jump in!

Make Piles of Leaves

Piles of leaves can be a treat for kids to jump in, but piles in your house can lead to a sense of confusion. A clean house leads to a clean mind. Cleaning house helps clear the mind. You can get an emotional lift as you put things in order. Declutter one item or one area at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed. Commit  to it and it will get done, leaving the mess and the messy feeling behind. Put your life in order and it will uplift your life.

Rake the Leaves

Don’t keep raking a negative event over the coals as you rethink and remember a mistake or decision that had a negative impact. It’s OK to rake once or twice so you can get all the stray leaves and leave a clean surface by leaving the past behind as you look to an amazing future.

Burn the Leaves

Burning calories by exercising or walking strengthens both your body and your emotions. Endorphins are released that make you feel better. Your joints, muscles and energy get a boost while fighting diseases. Burning leaves creates a wonderful aroma and you also will have a fall sweet scent (At least after your shower anyway!)

Fall Into the Leaves

Falling can be exhilarating, so say our daughter and son-in-law who just went sky diving. However, from my earthly perspective, knowing a firm foundation is available to catch you makes all the difference. When my first husband was dying, I felt like I was falling. The hospital chapel had a stained glass window with hands that said, “Underneath Are The Everlasting Arms.” I took great comfort from those words, knowing I could choose to fall into God’s arms. Comfort comes from connections with family and friends and that comfort in turn gives you the ability to fully function as you should.

Colorful Leaves

Live your life to the fullest, not dull and drab. Fill your life with colorful, vibrant and positive experiences. Choosing to be positive and creating positive experiences will create a new landscape in your brain and result in a life that is more pleasing to you and those around you. Sam and I are raising our five year old grandson and we want to impact him for the positive, give him value, love, care and safety as he grows to be a respectful, well mannered man. Every morning I speak words of life, validating him as I enthusiastically sing out, “Good morning sunshine!” Your words can hurt or heal, choose wisely!

As the leaves change, God’s glory is revealed. You can see His abundance all around in the harvest, which reminds us of the value of sowing great values into our children and grandchildren with fun fall activities. If you sow kindness, joy, peace, and compassion you will reap an abundant harvest of those very things, and more! How exciting to have the privilege to make a difference in our grandkids and all those around you as you turn over a magnificent new leaf!

Happy Fall, Ya’ll!