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The Hugeness of Hugs
Published on: January 21, 2019

Today is an awesome day January 21st, National Hug Day! There are many ways to hug, use this day as a reminder to do just that! My grandson learned hugs not slugs in kindergarten. Hit them with a hug! Be kind and encouraging to those around you and life will get dramatically better for you and those you encounter.

Hug with your eyes. Maintain eye contact which again shows interest and caring. You validate others and show they have worth in this life, not worthless or unworthy.

Hug with listening. Listening shows you care about others. It is a deeper form of hearing. Go deeper, it’s like earning a college degree and you will earn others trust and respect. Listen to what you do not hear, there are many forms of communication, verbal, gestures and body language. You would do well to listen to them all with concern.

Hug with smiles. You can do this as you walk down the street, shop or work. It’s an effort to not smile in return. It’s contagious in a good way, go infect someone today.

Hug with doing good deeds or chores. My neighbor plowed me out of a snow drift. He did not have to, but going out of his way to solve my problem gave much joy and appreciation on my part, and he also felt rewarded, tired but rewarded! My grandson Anthony is a keeper, he puts his clothes away and offers to help with chores. He is 6 and imitates what he sees. Remember this when you have young ones around,

Hug with your arms. There is much value in human contact, it’s proven you don’t survive well without it. Such a small act has gigantic benefits. I’ve heard of people who go to  church because that’s the only time in their week they will get a hug, and they look forward to it.

Hug with words. The universe was created by language, “God said, let there be light…” Our words tell a story, let that story be filled with kindness, concern, caring and encouragement. Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me…. This is not true, the malignant effect of harmful words spoken over children linger and cause a negative impact on their whole life. Speak positive and encouraging words so there will be a dynamic and positive effect on those you encounter.

I hope you are ready to hug someone, after all it’s almost Valentine’s day, so practice your hugging now! I’ve hugged my grandkids already and I send you a hug and prayers! God bless you and yours!

 Fondly yours, Debbie