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Resolving Pain
Published on: August 1, 2019

     How do you survive the pain and procedure that comes with poking and prodding? I had to go to the Dr’s office the other day and the movie Cowboys and Aliens came to mind. In this movie people were probed by aliens and then hung out to dry. Sounds gruesome but the aliens were defeated, so how do you defeat the invaders in your body?

     Many endure pain, sometimes caused by medical personnel in the journey for the cure. And yes, I was the nurse that caused discomfort. But now the tables are turned and I’m seriously asking for help in finding out how to endure the suffering? I fractured some ribs a few months ago, and there is an agony I had to figure out how to get through also. With much reflection and consideration, I see some answers for the pain with a few P words. Let’s takFamily Castlee a look.

     1) Purposeful Breathing. Intentional breathing changes your focus, causes relaxation and decreases your B/P and muscle tension. In an article  in The American Institute of Stress, proper breathing can eliminate stress and negative emotions such as anger, frustration and depression, leaving you calm.

    2) Perspective. Remember the agony will not last forever, relief will come. Choose to remember this and the fact that you can get through this.

     3) Psalm 23. I have memorized this Psalm from the Bible and meditate on it any time I’m in pain, like when I had a root canal. “Thy rod and thy staff they comfort me…” I am never alone or forsaken.

     4) People. You are going through this to be there at your best for kids, grandkids, your spouse and etc. They need you as much as you need them. Sharing with loved ones your experiences will lighten your load and increase understanding in relationships. The kids may not need all the details, but they do need you to share your chocolate chip cookies or other treats, a hug or a trip to the zoo.

     5) Pill. I don’t take a lot of meds, definitely not narcotics that might lead to addiction. But pain meds are sometimes necessary. It’s best to take the mildest ones you can take to lead to relief.

6) Point of probing. Remember the pain and probing may be necessary in the scheme of things so you can live life to the fullest. It may be a curve in your life’s journey-Okay maybe a sharp pointy curve- but you can get past it.

     7) Personal care. Take care of yourself. Exercise, even a walk will make you feel better and increase muscle strength and oxygenation. Observe good nutrition, drink water, and watch your weight. There will be less hard recovery if you’re in good shape to start with.

     Defeat the invaders as the aliens come to conquer. You can out maneuver and overcome as you have victory through the painful probing. Bring it on! Not really, but I’m confident I can better face the next round. 

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                  Joining you in the journey,  Debbie