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Increased Blessings
Published on: January 13, 2020

Blessing encompasses emotional, physical and spiritual as well as financial. As a wife, moFreeze Frame2ther and grandmother I envision a blessed bounty in this year of 2020 and on into the future. How do you achieve that? Good question! For I want you to have a blessed life also in all your relationships, finances, career and your emotional well being. I was thinking of words that start with I, not because it’s all about I (or me). It’s about God, others and you.    

Intentional – We make the choice to do or think things, to carry through and enjoy the benefit when we see a commitment completed. I get together with eight dear friends every fall and spend time at a bed and breakfast, laughing, eating, shopping and supporting each other in life’s ups and downs. We have done this for thirty years and it takes effort on all our parts, but the blessing is profound.

Ignite – Start a spark and bring light and life into the darkness. It’s amazing how one small glimmer can show you the way to go making the destination easier. I know of a youth group that plays hide-n-seek in the dark, and one girl got her hand caught in a mousetrap! I know she wishes a little light was displayed!

Icicle – In the winter sun it sparkles. That’s you bringing light, life and purpose to life’s journey. Even if your life seems dreary or dull, choose to glow and glimmer despite the circumstances. Your choices effect the wiring in your brain, read Dr. Caroline Leaf’s book, “Switch On Your Brain.”

Inch – Enjoy every second and pace yourself. You will be surprised at your sense of accomplishment. If you feel overwhelmed, put one foot in front of the other and you will get to your destination and find rest and contentment.

Invite – Connections provide strength and stability. All involved are blessed. Invite someone into your life. Have coffee with a friend, share not only joy and encouragement , but tears. It may sound scary, but invite someone new for coffee or tea. There are many people that are lonely and need a friend. You will be glad you reached out.

Intercession – Prayer is talking to God. How powerful is that! You not only talk, but listen as God “talks” back. Bring your needs and the needs of others before Him and He will answer.

Ink – Make sure you hit the target of good success as you make your mark in the world. Don’t use a black sharpie marker. Be flexible, you may have to erase a few times. Use color and laughter to make life exciting and interesting.

Imitation – Kids learn integrity as they imitate you. For they will imitate as they are watching and learning. At a restaurant the other day, when asked what he wanted to drink, our seven year old grandson said beer. We were all shocked. He has no real idea what it is, but he observed this from a family member.  Maintain a positive demeanor for we want the kids and others to see and learn positive, not negative. Sometimes being positive is a hard choice, but it is a choice.

Identity – You have value as a son or daughter of God. That thought should fill you to overflowing with purpose and life as you become a productive person who makes a difference in this world.

Imagine – Part of growing into reality is exploring the depths of imagination. That’s why playing is essential to a child’s development. Allow yourself to go into this world of child-like belief, and you will believe you can accomplish anything.

This is a year of bountiful blessings for you and me! Go forward with some of these steps and it will impact you, your kids and those around you for now and into the future!

God Bless us everyone!  Love, Debbie