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Be The Best Possible

     I was determFamily Castleined to be the best possible nurse. My patients were my priority, giving the best care possible was my passion and purpose. After forty years of nursing I retired to raise my grandson we became guardians of when he was eighteen months old. I gave the best care possible to him, a new passion and purpose.

     Now I am a substitute nurse and teacher at a local school. I love this new challenge of giving the best care possible. This is therefore my new passion and purpose. Let me clarify that I will never give up my passion and purpose for my grandson. There is an added element to my life now that I cherish.

     I spoke of challenges, many times the school kids don’t want to listen or obey but I am determined to get the best possible out of them. How do you keep order and discipline and still manifest love and charm? Many parents have pondered this. I came up with a few points to allow you to give the best possible no matter what your situation: job, childcare, retirement or caregiver.

     1) Be determined. A decision is a choice, so choose to excel. By choosing the positive it sets off positive chemicals in your brain. Choose negative thoughts or pathways  and it releases toxins in your brain. Read “ Switch On Your Brain “ by Dr. Caroline Leaf.

     2) Never give up. Don’t take on failures, for you are not a failure. Press through to victory as you learn the best route to success. Anthony, our grandson, said he learned never give up from us. That will effect him in first grade and forever.

     3) Enjoy the journey. Smile even if you don’t feel like it, the emotions will follow and you will brighten up your corner of the world. Smiling is contagious, so go infect someone else today. And do it enthusiastically, that excitement is catching too! I sing Good Morning Sunshine to Anthony loudly and with passion in the mornings! He expects it now.

     4) Take care of yourself. Eat right for energy, exercise as you’re able, at least take a walk. Exercise releases endorphins and literally makes you feel better. If you are wiped out, it will lower the care you give to yourself and others and it won’t be the best possible.

     5) Pray. Some things we can’t do on our own. God is our strength and song and will help us through daily dos and difficulties. See Psalm 118.

    6) Connections. Others can support you as you can support them. Remember the  majestic redwoods towering high but they have roots that reach down only six to twelve feet. Their roots extend about 100 feet from the base of the tree and intertwine with other roots to increase their stability and strength. Let’s intertwine and help each others stability!

      7) Suffering. I know of many who have cared for loved ones with the best possible care. Some were terminal and did not recover in this life. This aids in the grief process as you know you did everything possible to aid in the recovery and comfort of those suffering. I did this with my first husband, Tom, my high school sweetheart. I worked, raised the kids and gave him the best care possible as he slipped into a coma. 

     There are rewards of any endeavor you tackle as you seek to be the best possible. Grandparenting is more a pleasure than a task as you teach your grandkids to honor God Almighty and all His creation. To watch the young one you love so much grow and develop into the best possible, respectful, caring and productive member of society is the greatest reward ever. I’m thrilled for you as you go forward to strive to be the best possible you can be!

                                                          Love, Debbie



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Sam is a businessman, writer, entertainer, speaker, husband, father to five children, grandfather and great grandfather. Sam graduated from Huntington University with a B.A. in psychology and drama and pursued a degree in Broadcasting from Illinois Central College with graduate degree in Christian Ministry from Christian Leadership University. Sam is the creator of Granpa Cratchet, one of the most successful touring shows in the history of the live events industry. Millions of people see Granpa every year all across the United States at fairs and festivals. His characters have appeared on every major network: Good Morning America, Entertainment Tonight, The Today Show (4 times). Sam and his characters have made over 500 local appearances and on all the major networks; NBC, CBS, ABC, ESPN, PBN, The LeSea Network, The PTL Network and Praise the Lord. They currently appear all around the world every week on YouTube and Facebook, and on several satellite networks via the Kidz Television Network and The Captain Hook (children's) Show.

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