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Conquering Concerns
Published on: March 17, 2020

    There is much to be concerned about these days. How do you live without cowering to the fear of a pandemic? Just like every day, there are things you don’t do and things yoSupporting Handsu do! Our home church this week was about David and Goliath. Coronavirus is a giant seeking to defeat us, we must not give into it because our God is greater!


        Put one foot in front of the other. Do what you know to do. Get out of bed in the morning, feed your family, change the baby’s diaper. 

          Wash your hands which is a big deterrent to disease.

          Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze, don’t be around people who are ill.

          Make the best of your situation, if quarantine is in effect and your kids are out of school, enjoy your time. I had my seven year old grandson Monday, he has no school. I got a chance to play Lincoln Logs and Go Fish with him ( the cards, not in the pond!) My joints cried out after time on the floor but my heart cried out with joy to get to play with him.

           Church was closed to us, so we had home church. It was a challenge since the grandkids are approaching teen years, but what a joy to impact them by saying God is in control, we’ll get through this Coronavirus, and really meaning it. They look to us for assurance and stability. We look to God for hope, peace and victory.

           Do Spring cleaning inside and out. Preparing your yard for flowers and warm weather is exhilarating, the kids can help pick up sticks. I’m limited in physical endurance so I do 15 minutes at a time, it seems you can accomplish anything in 15 minutes and before you know it, it’s thirty minutes!


           Don’t panic, giving into distress and dis-ease. For this dis-ease will cause disease and that is what started all this.

          Don’t hoard toilet paper, why toilet paper? It’s an issue of having control during a time of no control. Sure, have what you need put back but be sensible about it.

          Don’t choose a negative attitude, your choices effect the landscape of your brain, so don’t go down a thorny rough path. A friend of mine heard a man tell his son in the store it was so crowded because of it was Armageddon. Our little ones need care and support, not chaos.          

     I can’t say much that has not already been said. I want to encourage you this giant will be defeated. I love the clapping from all the homes in Spain for the health care workers. We are all in this together, here and around the world.

    We will get through this and God is with us through the storm. He goes before us and it’s incredible to trust Him in the eye of the storm. Listen to Ryan Stevenson’s song, “The Eye of the Storm.” It’s one of my grandson Anthony’s favorites. Let it become your heart’s cry.

                           In the journey with you, Debbie