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Prepare !

     Prepare for what? For another day of isolation? A different pair of pajamas, or a different hair tie to pull back your unwashed, uncut hair with? It is what it is! Or is it? There is a positive peace that will carry you through this time and the future.

anthony-graduation     This global pandemic has shut down most of the world. It has effected body, mind and spirit. What should we get out of this, besides clean closets? How do we cope with any tragedy that turns our world upside down? I believe we must prepare. Preparation is accompanied by peace and rest. Allow me to explain.

     There are many ways to prepare. How do you prepare when no one saw this coming? That is how it is with most tragedies, whether the death of a loved one or your child, dashed dreams, grief or loss of any kind. You should prepare in the past, present and future.


     How do you prepare in the past for something that hasn’t happened yet? You prepare for peace and rest today. For yesterday will be today very quickly. Sounds philosophical I know but it’s true. Peace and rest will give you peace and rest through whatever trials you face. If you haven’t practiced peace or found it, now would be a good time.

Here’s four ways to prepare the past.

1) Read the Psalms in the Bible. They are full of peace and praise and the reminder that God cares for you.

 2) Choose to think and live positive not negative. This will change the very wiring of your brain producing a healthy positive state which produces hope, joy and peace rather than toxic thoughts producing bitterness, unforgiveness or stress. See Dr. Caroline Leaf’s book Switch On Your Brain, p. 36.

3) Take a walk outside in the sunshine and spring flowers. The beauty will make your heart smile as you take a deep breath and infuse yourself with gratefulness.

4) Never give in…. A famous speech from Winston Churchill during WW2 given Oct 29, 1941. “ Never, never, never, never- in nothing, great or small, large or petty- never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.” We face a new enemy today, but we will have the victory.


     There is an ongoing preparation for birth and new life. I see the trees budding, the birds building their nests, and the farmers preparing the soil for their crops. Be a part of this as you prepare for life. Don’t succumb to the depression , or fear that may come. Practice all the preparations from the past now to sustain the peace and the rest daily. ((see steps 1-4)

Here’s two more ways to prepare,  in the present.

5) Prepare skills that instill you with the ability to be exceptional in your life and job. A friend has learned to make beautiful baskets, what a blessing to those recipients of this talent.  Another friend makes meals for the sick or dying, such a caring, awesome task. I’m learning new coping and abilities that will make me a more competent substitute teacher. This spills over into being able to help my grandkids in certain areas. Nurturing young ones, teaching them love and respect will help them become a productive member of a great society.

6) Your perception is your reality. Therefore, let peace be your reality.  Also a capable and confident  self image will change your actions and reactions as you go forward one foot in front of the other. As your kids observe and imitate, they won’t give in to the chaos or unrest around them. They will prepare their heart and lives to perceive peace and love as the most excellent way.


     As your prepare for the past, and present, your future will reap the benefits. Peace will guard your heart always no matter what storm or challenge you face. Here’s the last of my seven ways to prepare, prepare for the future.

7) The most important preparation you will ever make is to give your heart to God. For He loves you and has prepared a place for you for all eternity. He is with us even now and will sustain us no matter what virus or storm comes against us. John 16:33 “…peace which is in me will be in you and will give you great confidence as you rest in me. For in this unbelieving world you will experience trouble and sorrows, but you must be courageous, for I have conquered the world!” (the Passion translation)

     Much to ponder and prepare as we seek peace, rest and production in our lives and the lives of those we cherish. May God bless you with peace and rest!

                                            Love, Debbie




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Sam is a businessman, writer, entertainer, speaker, husband, father to five children, grandfather and great grandfather. Sam graduated from Huntington University with a B.A. in psychology and drama and pursued a degree in Broadcasting from Illinois Central College with graduate degree in Christian Ministry from Christian Leadership University. Sam is the creator of Granpa Cratchet, one of the most successful touring shows in the history of the live events industry. Millions of people see Granpa every year all across the United States at fairs and festivals. His characters have appeared on every major network: Good Morning America, Entertainment Tonight, The Today Show (4 times). Sam and his characters have made over 500 local appearances and on all the major networks; NBC, CBS, ABC, ESPN, PBN, The LeSea Network, The PTL Network and Praise the Lord. They currently appear all around the world every week on YouTube and Facebook, and on several satellite networks via the Kidz Television Network and The Captain Hook (children's) Show.

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