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The Journey to the Destination
Published on: August 14, 2020

     The pause that refreshes. Not a cola, but inhaling fresh air and viewing blue sky with white fluffy clouds. Even if the clouds are gray, that’s gorgeous in the scheme of things. We live in theKids Airport country of the greatest land in the world. The country of the free and the brave, scattered with amber waves of grain and purple mountains majesty. I get to see these amber waves of grain, the corn as it reaches to the sky, the beans as they turn from green to gold. The landscape here in the country is ever changing but always amazing.

     The benefits of walking are amazing and awesome also. It’s so enjoyable and besides that, you get bountiful blessings. What’s not to like? If you have arthritis or bad knees, do what you can, walk as your able and accomplish what you can. One study shows walking can have greater benefits for you than running anyway. Which I’m glad to know since I can’t run!

     Some benefits of walking are; boosting brain power, decreasing your chance of dementia, improving mood and heart health. It may even decrease your chance of cancer and boost your immune function. I have an awesome benefit I”ll share with you involving my 7 year old grandson, Anthony.

     When my grandson says let’s walk to the corner, it means he wants to spend time with me. Five benefits right here.

        1.) He wants to spend time with me.

        2.) He wants to spend time with me.

        3.) He wants to spend time with me.

        4.) He wants to spend time with me.

        5.) He wants to spend time with me.

     Sorry about dragging you into that, but it is essential in this time to know who wants to spend time with you. When it’s the little love of your life, it’s exhilarating! When you think of the bigness of the universe and the little hand you’re holding, both speak of trust. God is saying, no matter what you’re facing, trust me. Your young one is displaying trust as they gaze at you with confidence and care.

     No matter what your destination, make the journey awesome, healthy and amazing!

                                      Happy trails, Debbie