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Pandemic of Grief
Published on: February 23, 2021

   With the Coronavirus there has been an escalation in grief. The stage was set for some scary times in Spring 2020. Grief is common to us all, and it’s not just in death, as tragic as that is. Grief is any loss requiring an effort to get through. It may be the loss of finances, relationships, jobs, education, peace or health. I look around and see a plague gone rampant and I see grief rampant as people share the heartache and loss they have gone through or are going through. Both can cause your world to be turned upside down. With grief you may never get over it, but you can get through it. There is a recovery path that is unique to your situation and your needs. It’s reassuring to know that there is a lever specially designed out there just to help get your world upright and in working order.

    The Coronavirus quarantine has left many isolated and lonely. Shut up in their homes and shut up in their anxieties. Afraid to see family or friends, many have retreated to spare their life. Unfortunately many have lost their lives. How is the journey through grief and loss best maneuvered to arrive at the destination that will enrich you and those around you?


     Out of pain can come something pleasant and powerful. Doesn’t sound true, does it? Think of labor and the precious child that results. Most mothers would say the discomfort is worth the results of the delivery. There is power in proper perspective. Focus on the positive and your thoughts and emotions will go that direction. This involves a choice to find something pleasant in the pain. I had a counselor tell me this after my first husband died at a young age. I said I can find nothing good to come of this. Well, he wasn’t suffering anymore, that was good. He was in the presence of God, that was good. Positive perspective is key!

     2) PEOPLE 

       Communication is critical and the best way for that to happen is to have someone to commune with. Like the power you get when you plug in an appliance, plug into people. Life comes from this connection, and hopefully good sparks will fly. If you can’t get together in person use your favorite social media platform: text, phone, FaceTime, or virtual. Talk over the fence like Wilson did on Tool Time, he knew about social distancing before it happened. My granddaughter gets on Zoom with her friends so they can giggle about boys, this is necessary in the development of an adolescent girl! 

     If devastated by grief or loss, whether from this disease or any tragic situation it may be necessary to get counseling. There are those who can guide you through any disaster, depression or drought. Zoom counseling is available, though many crave a more personal interaction, so face to face is their favorite.

     3) PRAY 

     Psalm 46:1 says God is our refuge and strength, an ever present help in times of trouble. And we are living in some troubled times. Read God’s Word, there is power and peace to be found. No one cares for you more than your Creator who is with you in every situation. God promises no matter what trouble or hardship we face, ”…we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.” (Romans 8:37) This means we endure to victory no matter what our situation. When my son died, people said I’m praying for you and I would say, “I really feel peace and support as God answers your prayers.” 

     In the midst of death, disease and differences, there is rest, recovery and restoration as the Coronavirus and the pandemic of grief are dealt with and fear, doubt, loneliness  and confusion are conquered. 

                               Love, Debbie