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Six Ways To Make Spring Cleaning Sweet
Published on: April 6, 2021

     Finally! Warmth, sunshine, birds chirping, and trees budding. Spring is upon us in all its glory. There’s yard work. flowers, and gardens. So much to do, so little energy. Really how do you get these things accomplished without nagging your husband too much?

     I was sitting in a chair looking at my landscaping, and I use that term loosely. I thought I can’t possibly clean these old slimy leaves and sticks away to prepare for new growth. Seems a daunting task. Well, I want new growth right? Despite my health limitations I serve a limitless God, so I asked Him how would you have me contribute to the wellness of Spring? I felt the answer was 15 minutes. Quality not quantity. Short bits at a time as follows:

     1) Bring a chair to the area that needs worked on. Comfort is key.

     2) Buy a wheelbarrow to decrease my trips to the burn pile and collect rubbish.

     3) Get my grandson’s small shovel, rake and spade and put one scoop at a time into the wheelbarrow. A carpenter friend of mine once said you have to have the correct tools in any scenario.

     4) Use a grabber to get sticks and small things out of the yard so I’m not bending over lots. That may be good exercise but I get too wobbly.

    5)  Go 15 minutes at a time on that adventure and see where that journey leads you. It may lead you to 30 minutes and a pleasantly surprised view of cleanliness.

     6) It’s awesome to make a connection with your family as they work in the warm weather. You are part of an effective team, not sitting in the house feeling sorry for yourself as I’ve done before. Your contribution is essential.

     This 15 min mantra works for everyone. If you work full time, raise a family and have limited time and energy, pace yourself. inside or outside. One dust rag  or one room in front of the other. One spadeful in front of the other. Don’t be overwhelmed by the tasks at hand. Overwhelm something challenging with something satisfying. It’s incredible what you can accomplish. Turn your tasks into treats. It’s very rewarding to declutter your environment. 

     My mantra now is 15 minutes. Once I get started I find time goes fast and I don’t want to stop. 15 minutes becomes 30 minutes with me and my wheelbarrow. As Dr Seuss says, “Oh, The Places You’ll Go!” I  am excited that I get to go do some yard work now! Enjoy yours as well.

                                                      Love, Debbie


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