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Have an Awesome Father’s Day!
Published on: June 19, 2021
At the zoo with grands

We celebrate Fathers and grandfathers. Their impact on our young ones is astounding! I remember just a look from my father let alone a word and I would achieve much, in school and life. What if you have lost your father due to death or abandonment? When my son died , his kids lost their father and it was a devastating time. My six year old grandaughter had a dream where her dad dressed in white told her one word,”accept”. Some things in life are out of our hands and we have to trust God who is our Father forever. Jesus came to heal the brokenhearted and care for us now and for eternity despite our circumstances.

My husband and I raised our 18 month old grandson after the accident, Anthony had a father figure in his grandfather. He gave love, care and guidance to a lost little boy.

What an amazing journey we are on in this life with all our Fathers and Grandfathers and Father figures. We love and honor you. Happy Fathers Day for this weekend and every day!