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From  Breakdown to Breakthrough                     
Published on: January 13, 2022

     My husband Sam has been sick with Covid Pneumonia. It’s a scary, horrible disease that was created to destroy. Coronavirus has traumatized lives, finances, peace, education and the flow of daily living for many people and cultures. Watching him struggle on high concentrations of oxygen has left me depleted, concerned and fearful of what the future might hold. People do die of this.


      Sam has chronic lung disease that is a factor that may complicate the course of the Covid. Is there anything to hard or to big for our God? Not at all. He will defeat the COPD and the Covid. Pre-existing conditions don’t stifle the Creator who existed from the beginning. Despite knowing this in my head, my heart poured out as I cried and prayed for Sam’s life, as many were.I cried for the grandchildren that needed their grandpa’s love, guidance and wisdom, especially for our grandson Anthony who we raised for five years after he lost his father. He depended on father figure Sam. I cried and prayed for his children who have a strong bond with their dad. And I cried and prayed for me, for I did not want to be a widow again. There are many touched by Sam’s life and I prayed that impact would not be severed.  I prayed “Lord please help me through this, speak to me, I just need a word from you Father and assurance that all will be right in this upside down situation. Restore Sam’s health and spare his life, in Jesus name.”


     I was listening to a Joseph Prince podcast. It led me to Acts 27 where Paul had a shipwreck and a rescue by God. Funny, Sam wrote a book on the topic, “Shipwrecked but Victorious”, I think I need to read it! The ship was about to crash. In Acts 27: 33, 34, Paul said “ Today makes two full weeks that you have been in fearful peril and hungry, unable to eat a thing. Now eat and be nourished. For you’ll come through this ordeal without a scratch.”(The Passion Translation)  I cried out, “That’s us!!” I felt an excitement in my spirit that this promise was for us. We will come through without a scratch or splinter. It had been almost two weeks since Sam’s first symptom, we’ve been in fearful peril, he was not able to eat for most of it. We didn’t feed much on God’s word either for when you are physically drained, it effects the mind and spirit. Acts 27: 36-37 they “… ate until they were filled and were strengthened and encouraged.” (The Passion Translation) That’s me! I will feast on your Word, be filled and encouraged as I seek you Father God.


     The ship was smashed. Verse 44 says “ the rest all managed to survive by clinging to planks…,so that everyone scrambled to the shore uninjured.” (The Passion Translation) That’s us I cried! Our ship has crashed, we’re in the stormy, soggy sea with surging waves surrounding us as we clung to  a plank. God is faithful and he has promised we will come through without a scratch or splinter. They were on their way to Malta, as are we. A place where healing, restoration and provision abound. We cling to planks, up and down in the water,  but our destination is healing. As I cried out with a broken heart, I saw a breakthrough coming as I scanned the horizon for Malta.


     This word was not just for me, it encouraged Sam as well, for as I shared it enthusiastically, I saw a smile and a sparkle in his eyes I hadn’t seen in a while. He can’t talk well with the oxygen, but he gave a thumbs up!  I pray it encourages you as well for God is with you also during your shipwreck or daily struggles, on your way to a place of provision and healing. 


To God be the glory. “Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning, great is your faithfulness.” Lamentations 3:22-23( NIV) And so begins a journey with the Holy Spirit where He gives me a word every morning that helps me cling to His plank on our way to healing and provision. It’s a place of honor and humbling to realize He would care for me so deeply, that He would speak comfort , abundance and healing. Listen louder, for He speaks to you, too. As the Lord was with Paul, He is with us in this storm. We put our hope and trust in Jesus, the One who gives peace, calm and healing to the mind, spirit and body despite the storm or circumstances.   

                        With you in the journey to breakthrough, Debbie