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The Power of Quiet
Published on: September 23, 2022

By Samuel Lee Bowman (Husband and Official Lifetime Effective Team Member, as designated by Debbie)

Sam from on the road.

From Sam’s Journal – 9/23/22 – London, Kentucky

S (Sam): Good morning, Holy Spirit.

HS (Holy Spirit): Good morning, Sam. What are you thinking this morning?

S: This morning I am thinking that it is not always good to fill one’s mind with so many of its own thoughts when approaching your throne, Holy Spirit. To consciously make an effort to dedicate an amount of time to leave the mind totally free of all intellectual pursuits and even the body free of all emotional pursuits is the best way to cleanse the cognitive digestive pallet so that my competing manmade “noise” can be lowered, the static contained enough that my inner mind, my flowing spirit, has an opportunity to bring forth his view of all my thoughts and pursuits in life.

The mind of the spirit is much more like a gentle, quiet, flowing stream, than a mighty tsunami that overpowers my other senses and forces its way to take its rightful place as the ultimate influencer and leader of all the others.

No. One must choose to quiet all the other competing voices.

One must consciously place all the other noice on low volume, as a regular habit, for a period of time each week. One must choose to open the door, to invite the Divine Intuition to the forefront, welcoming the King of Kings into the room with due respect and quietness before His ultimate wisdom and power. Only in this quieting of all competing voices can the ultimate voice takes its place of ultimate influence in the affairs of my mind and life.

Psalms 49:10 – Be still and know that I am God. 

Psalm 23:2 – You lead me when I am beside the still, quietly flowing waters.

It is only in the quiet flow of Holy Spirit anointed revelation that you can make the shift in your thinking that will provide the new view you need to discover your breakthrough strategy.

HS: I can tell you have been reading, thinking and reflecting. 

S: Yes, I suppose I have. Sometimes things need to be said in a higher way in order to stimulate the mind to think on a higher plane. Come Holy Spirit and speak to me as I quiet myself before you.

HS: Yes, come my son. I invite you. I welcome you. You are mine and I love to be with you and speak to you about the things that are on our hearts.

Photo “A Quiet Place” by Sam Bowman. Captured during a moment of solitude while in Texas at a recent leaders retreat with AIM International.