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The Importance Of Pushing Through

12 Reasons To Keep Going And 7 Ways To Find New Push 

This year, 2022, is my forty second Granpa Cratchet tour. I can’t tell you the number of times I have been tempted to quit. When I think about all of the problems, challenges and disasters along the way I just laugh; flat tires, wrecked equipment, banks calling notes due, campers catching fire, wind blowing things down, insurance cancelling, people not showing up, people getting sick, someone dying, lightening strikes, and tornadoes. Should I go on? You get the picture.

Probably at least once a month over my long career negative emotions, or mental fatigue has gotten the best of me and I have felt like quitting. That’s 540 months I’ve hit the wall and had to make the painful decision, do I push up and push on through, or quit? If I’ve learned nothing else I have learned that 1) Its hard to fire myself, 2) Quitting is a very painful way to solve a problem, and 3) I can quit, but the problem usually doesn’t.

Reasons To Keep Going

So, here’s my top twelve reasons I use to keep going. I’ve had a lot of practice with these. I know they work.

  1. If I don’t keep working at this then what will I do? I’ll just find something else to work at. 
  2. If I push through I’m learning how to overcome roadblocks. The stronger I am the weaker they get.
  3. If I push through my keep-going-today turns into its-finished-tomorrow.
  4. If I keep going my keep-going-muscle gets stronger and the resistances get weaker.
  5. If I push through I become the kind of person I want to be; strong in values, deep in character, and wide in skills, and I become more valuable to my family, my community, and to the world I have to live in.
  6. If I push through the-turn-around-and-go-back turns into a turn-around-in-my opportunities to move forward.
  7. If I don’t achieve my goal today, pushing for my goal today produces new skills, new abilities and new relationships. When I stockpile enough new personal assets small turnarounds become easy and lots of small turnarounds show up as big breakthroughs.
  8. I’ll either push through the pain to victory or I’ll live through the pain of failure. I ask myself, which do I want?
  9. Sometimes failure is disguised as this-is-taking-longer-than-I-thought. Don’t let the time lie fool you. Pushing on always takes longer than expected. That’s life. Everyone experiences it. You are not alone. Remember, overnight success takes place over years of preparation and practice to get over the night. 
  10. If I keep going a new opportunity will show up I didn’t expect.
  11. If I keep going a solution will show up tomorrow I didn’t have today.
  12. If I keep pushing forward I’ll probably have a new problem to solve, but that’s better than going back to the same old problem I was sick and tired of.

Do Pushups To Push Through

What do warriors do if they want to get stronger? They do pushups. These seven perspective pushup questions will push up your will power to push through.

  1. What was my passion when I started this in the first place?
  2. What does crossing my ultimate finish line look like?
  3. What kind of a person do I want to be?
  4. How can I use this problem to push me up higher?
  5. What new strategy could I employ that might help push me up into a new result?
  6. Who can I call for encouragement to keep pushing up and through?
  7. What can I do to take a break and rejuvenate?

In his book The Power Of Focus, Jack Canfield, best selling author of the Chicken Soup For The Soul series says success comes to those who are persistently consistent.

Jason Nesmith, commander of the NSEA Protector in the movie Galaxy Quest, said,  “Never give up. Never give in.” 

That’s the key. Push through warrior!

Sam and Debbie Bowman live on their mini-farm in Indiana. Sam is a businessman and Debbie is a retired nurse. They own a home based business that produces the Granpa Cratchet Show for special events. They have written many books, including: The Summer of Paintless Toenails, Losing a son, gaining a grandson. How awesome grandparents are raising a generation of whole, healthy and happy grandchildren.  Coming next year is their new book, Releasing Your Power Partner about how to tap into the power of the Holy Spirit in family, finances (Business) and faith (Your personal walk with God.)

Authors Sam and Debbie Bowman

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Sam is a businessman, writer, entertainer, speaker, husband, father to five children, grandfather and great grandfather. Sam graduated from Huntington University with a B.A. in psychology and drama and pursued a degree in Broadcasting from Illinois Central College with graduate degree in Christian Ministry from Christian Leadership University. Sam is the creator of Granpa Cratchet, one of the most successful touring shows in the history of the live events industry. Millions of people see Granpa every year all across the United States at fairs and festivals. His characters have appeared on every major network: Good Morning America, Entertainment Tonight, The Today Show (4 times). Sam and his characters have made over 500 local appearances and on all the major networks; NBC, CBS, ABC, ESPN, PBN, The LeSea Network, The PTL Network and Praise the Lord. They currently appear all around the world every week on YouTube and Facebook, and on several satellite networks via the Kidz Television Network and The Captain Hook (children's) Show.

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