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Ambassadors Of Light
Published on: December 18, 2022

The needs are great in this world, therefore the urgency of being ambassadors of peace and hope are tremendous. Even our kids are assaulted with negative news, toxic input, identity issues, fear and anxiety. When I was a kid the big decision was whether to play freeze tag or foursquare. Now they ponder the future, even the coming days. My daughter recently told me, “If I never thanked you for taking me to church when I was a kid, I do now. I know Jesus is real and many don’t and are consumed and worried about the fear and upheaval going on in the world.”

Take Time

Take time to reach out and touch who you can, when you can. You will impact someone with a kind word,a caring act, a smile or a prayer. The shepherds were terrified in that field in Bethlehem long ago when suddenly an angel appeared in radiant splendor lighting up the field with the blazing Glory of God. The Angel reassured them saying “ Don’t be afraid.” He brought good news, joyous news for everyone everywhere, for a rescuer was born. (see Luke 2, TPT) He rescues all of us from ourselves, from the fears and anxieties we may be overwhelmed with and from death itself. And no matter what situation or tragedy we go through, He is with us and will help us. “Fear thou not; for I am with thee:…I will strengthen thee: yea I will help thee: yea I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.” (Isaiah 41:10)

Take Action

At the school where I work a laid off a father didn’t have gas money to come to school and pick up his sick child and them come back to get his kids at the end of the day. So the principle went to a local gas station and brought him a gas card. Now this is putting caring into action. Do what you can and give what you have and it will be multiplied.

Take Hold

Take hold of the powerful promises  of God and go forth to those around you with the good news, the light that dispels the darkness and chaos many may be facing. The darkness of doubt, disturbance, depression or death will be eradicated by Jesus who is the light of the world. I bring you good tidings of great joy! A Savior is born. A light has come. Be an ambassador of light, bringing love, life, laughter and good news to everyone everywhere as the angel did on that holy night!

Have a very Merry Christmas! Debbie