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Freedom Forever
Published on: June 28, 2023

The fourth of July is a celebration of freedom. The USA became the USA when we broke off from the tyranny of England. Freedom came at a great price since many lost their lives in the Revolutionary War that enabled liberty to reign. Freedom is fantastic even if it’s only for your life or the generations that follow.

But what about freedom forever? It’s possible. It came at a great price also, that reaped great rewards. The sacrifice of Jesus brought healing to broken hearts, set the captive prisoners free, brought restoration to ruin, and released relationship with God. (See Isaiah 61) When you give your heart and life to Jesus you are crucified with Him. This sounds horrible, but wait for it…you are also raised with Him and have new life. (See Galatians 2:20)

In our country today there is an effort to destroy families and harm our children. Our founding fathers would be shocked and dismayed. You must press on and pray for our Heavenly Father to restore freedom, wisdom, peace and courage. Do what you can to take a stand for the values and morals that make our country great. Train up your young person to be a responsible member of society.

Celebrate the victory and freedom you have for now and forever. God bless America!  Thank you Father God for standing beside her and guiding her with your light from above!

Love, Debbie