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Published on: July 12, 2023

Everyone has a longing to be loved (Be-Loved) in the deepest part of their being. The best way that can be manifested is the eternal love and acceptance of the God who made you. He sent the Bible as His Love letter to you, and it is also a call to action. “ Beloved children, our love can’t be an abstract theory we only talk about, but a way of life demonstrated through our loving deeds. We know the truth lives within us because we demonstrate love in action,…” (1 John 3:18-19 TPT) This is not just talking the love path, but walking the love path, which is an amazing journey. 

 I wrote a post on faith and hope, now love which is the greatest. (See 1 Cor 13:13) Love is the fruit of the Spirit that all other fruits come from. (See Galatians 5: 22-23) Love is the reason God sent Jesus into the world so you can have eternal life. (See John 3:16) Love is the reason God gave you the privilege of dying with him so that His resurrection can be your resurrection, therefore your life!  (See Colossians 3:1-4)

The greatest commandment is to love. It fulfills the law. There are 3 parts to this greatest commandment. Look at Matthew 22:37-39 to see what God said about this.

  1. Jesus said the first and greatest commandment is to “Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.” This sounds all in. Are you all in and how do you get there? Choose to seek Him, worship Him, fear Him, love and serve Him, spend time with Him, read His Word, and pray. These create a relationship, a passionate bond.
  2. Jesus said the “…second is like unto it, thou shalt love thy neighbor…”  What does like unto it mean? It means it is essential and focuses on your affection and attention which effects your actions. Your neighbor can be anyone; family, friend  or someone you have never met but you see their value as a child of God. The love we have from the Father should continually pour out of us to others.
  3. Jesus said the third part was “as thyself.” God loves you and that makes you worthy and of value, therefore you must love yourself. If you don’t you won’t have confidence or the ability to accomplish all He has set before you, for yourself and your loved ones. If you don’t get along with yourself you won’t get along with anyone else. Don’t focus on failures or inferiorities. Focus instead on His grace and how loved and forgiven you are, then bondage is broken off in the unseen realm. This is very freeing!

It has been said if God is love or God is good, why does He allow suffering? God did not allow it, man did. He gave man the Garden of Eden with all the positive possibilities, until man chose to give that up and live a life of suffering and pain. This world we live in is fallen and full of decay. There will be storms, but if Jesus is in the boat with you a calmness will come, no matter what. He is your anchor. (See Matthew 8: 23-27)  Listen to “Eye Of The Storm” by Ryan Stevenson. It’s my favorite and says it all!

Grief is the deepest expression of love turned inside out and upside down. The depth of your pain for your lost loved one is comparable to the depth of your love for them. My husband and I both lost sons. The heartache was  unbearable. Recovery came when Jesus sustained us and reassured us that He was with them, and our sons are more alive than ever. Jesus promises to love you and never leave you, no matter what.

All the positive emotions and virtues that make life better stem from love, such as peace, calm, forgiveness and healing. If you don’t have love, you will flow in the opposite which is hate, unforgiveness, anger, or hurt. These make life a torrent of unending storms that lead to death where there will be no life-giver with you along the way.

The Word of God says to choose life that you may live. Choose love that you may love. To be loved is to sense the love God has lavished on you as a son or daughter. God calls you beloved, so be-loved, then you can be a vessel of love pouring it out to all

Love, Debbie