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Leave Your Loss At The Cross 
Published on: September 17, 2023

There is loss that does not involve death but still feels life shattering. It creates a hole that can produce frustration, rejection and pain. You may lose your job, your family or your health. Whatever the loss there is grief involved and mourning is a must. Mourning is more than what you do after someone dies, it’s how you live after a traumatic loss.

I’ve heard people say the loss is worse if the spouse chose to leave, as in divorce or suicide. Every grief is unique to the individual. There are broken hearts for all involved, but Jesus came to heal the brokenhearted. He promises to fill you with the Holy Spirit who brings peace, power. provision and His presence no matter what wormhole or blackhole you are faced with.

You will fill your time and life with something, even if it’s nothing. The things of this world are frail and futile attempts to satisfy. The bigger house, toys or job will not satisfy. Seek to be filled with the Holy Spirit and do this daily as you seek Him and you will get a fresh infilling every day with abundant faith, peace, purpose and joy. (See Ephesians 5:18)   

It may take time to fill the hole, but there are steps you can take. It may start with a drop, then a cup and eventually a bucket. No one said it would be easy. It takes effort, but so does breathing or getting out of bed in the morning. The exciting news is you can avoid the void left from your loss. Start with deciding your destination. Life is a journey and sometimes you have no control over what happens, but you can control your response to it. Choose the road that leads to light and life, not death and destruction. Here are five steps to survive the loss that has left a dry, crusted hole that you can fill with peace, joy and salve from your Savior.

1 – Communicate

Connections are crucial. Counsel or have coffee with a trusted friend or family member. Read “Have You Filled A Bucket Today?” by Carol McCloud. When you fill others life buckets with care and kindness it automatically fills your bucket.

2 – Commune 

Talk to the One who loves you most, your Creator. Leave your loss at His cross. Let Him carry it for you. As you pray and fill your thoughts with His Word you will be filled with healing and strength. ( See Proverbs 4: 23) Prayer and Praise open spiritual portals that bring power.

3 – Choose

What you focus on and think becomes what you believe and this becomes your reality. Focus on faith, not fear or failure. Negative thoughts will cause health issues and inflammation. Decide not to linger in your loss for this is detrimental to recovery for you and yours.

4 – Cause

Go on a God journey to find a new passion, a new cause and purpose so you will be productive and fulfilled. This will fill the hole left by loss. We raised our grandson for five years and when he went back to his mom I mourned his loss. I went back to a fulfilling career in nursing and it brought much satisfaction and purpose.

5 – Create A Journal

Putting your feelings and thoughts on paper helps you gain insight into your situation and recovery. Then burn your notes if you need to. It’s a great mental exercise in letting go.

There will be losses in this life, but you are not lost. You are found and filled by the Good Shepherd who will comfort, keep and carry you. Jesus promises to be with you no matter what. He will fill the loss as He heals your heavy heart.

Love, Debbie