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Does Your Pet Go To Heaven When They Die?
Published on: January 9, 2024

How do you gain hope and happiness after the loss of a beloved pet has left you reeling? There is a hurt in your heart that defies reason. After all it was just an animal. Or was it? Really it’s a vital member of your family with love and memories galore. How do you tend the wound left by the one who gave you unconditional love and trust? Will you see them again? Do they go to Heaven? Here’s five points to ponder that will help you through your loss.

 1) Perspective

God breathed the spirit of life into man and animals. Animals are not created in the image of God so they do not have souls like man, but they have non-human souls. “…the classic understanding of living things has included the doctrine that animals, as well as humans, have souls” (quoted by Randy Alcorn in Heaven p. 374; from the book “Beyond Death” by Gary Habermas and J.P. Moreland). Animals are in Heaven and that includes my little white fluffy dog, Zoey. She did not cease to exist when she breathed her last . She is not the lifeless body now. As my husband said, through his tears, at Zoey’s graveside when we buried her in our yard, “This is not good-by, but see you later.”

2) Pining

This is suffering a decline because of a broken heart. There are all kinds of negative manifestations from grieving that can effect your mental and physical health in a detrimental way. Mourning is a must, but you must do it in a positive way so you can go forward with life and happiness for you and your family. Consider these aspects as you mourn:

a) Be grateful for the time you had and how you gave your pet a good life. 

b) Cry; like you could stop it right? (I know I couldn’t).

c) Mourning takes time, so take time. Don’t expect to be over your loss quickly. Time does not heal all wounds, but it will lessen the intensity of the pain.

d) Journal your thoughts, feelings and concerns. Many times God will give you answers as you put your problems to pen.

e) The intensity can vary with each individual. Mourning a pet has some similarities to losing a human, but it’s not as catastrophic. When my dog died I was devastated, but it doesn’t compare to the broken heart I had when my son died.

3) Prayer

There is power in prayer. It opens a spiritual realm where you ask and God answers. Jesus came to heal the brokenhearted, to repair the ruined cities, that’s your broken places (See Isaiah 61). “The very moment I call to you for a father’s help the tide of battle turns and my enemies flee” (Psalm 56:9 TPT). Turn the battle of devastation or depression and experience deliverance, victory and reassurance in God’s faithfulness.

4) People

The concerned condolences you get from others are encouraging. Others who have lost loved ones, even pets, understand the pain and heartache. As you go through this loss, it gives you a fresh sense of what others go through in their loss enabling you to give comfort in others tragedies.

Many think a new pet will fill the hole left by your loss. That’s your decision, make it when you are ready. The pain is too raw for me to take on that task, yet.

5) Plan

Animals have been an important part of God’s plan from the beginning. “When Adam was created, God surrounded him with animals. When Noah was delivered from the Flood, God surrounded him with animals. When Jesus was born, God surrounded him with animals. When Jesus establishes the renewed Earth, with renewed men and women, don’t you think he’ll surround himself with renewed animals?” ( Heaven by Randy Alcorn p. 381). Therefore, I believe your pet and mine will be in Heaven.

When my husband and I were gone most of the day, Zoey would dance, sing and jump up on us. All eight pounds of her. We called it a yippy dance. It always thrilled us to see her excitement at being reunited with us. We believe she gave Jesus a yippy dance as she entered Heaven that Tuesday morning when she left behind her broken body. She is now more alive than ever, exploring for eternity.

In anticipation of reunions in Heaven, Debbie