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How Crazy can impact you
Published on: February 27, 2024

My son died April 2014. Valentines Day was his birthday. His kids were hurting and I sent a message to them,”Happy Valentines Day! Your dad was crazy about you and he would be so proud!! Love you Gm” This made me think of the crazy love our Heavenly Father has for us. So perfect and undeserved. It doesn’t seem rational, yet it’s real. Believe, receive it and it will be your reality. It will change your life now and for all eternity! You just have to ASK:

A- Ask God to show you how to know Him. Even if you’re unsure of His reality. Ask Him for forgiveness and invite him to be your Savior.

S- Seek Him and His perfect peace, for He’s crazy about you. Listen to Tauren Wells song  “Crazy About You.”

K- Know God is with you. You have just entered a spiritual realm where there is life now and for all eternity (John 3:16). Sounds crazy right?

Crazy can mean mentally deranged, mad or extremely enthusiastic. The craziest is how much your Creator loves you. Fill your body, soul and spirit with that reality and you will be crazy for Him. Here’s six thoughts that will help you consider calm in the crazy:


 It’s crazy that there is a division across this country and around the world that separates friends and families. Even kind words or deeds can be construed as hate. It’s crazy that someone’s perspective is so negative that they can’t see the goodness. Fix your eyes on Jesus who endured much for us (Hebrews 12: 1-2). React to unkindness with crazy love and kindness.

Calm in chaos:

 It’s crazy that grandparents raise grandkids. When my son died, we raised his 18 month old son. It’s crazy that I was giving bottles and doing funeral plans at the same time. We did what was necessary out of crazy love, for Anthony (the baby) and for my son who asked us to care for him should he die. After five years Anthony was able to go back to his mommy. We agreed to this but mourned his loss. (The good news is we still see him lots and love him like crazy.)


 Gratitude is the key to entering into a deeper relationship with the Father. You can see the crazy clearer through the lens of gratitude. You enter His presence with the password of praise (Psalm 100:4).


 There are miracles, even today, that seem crazy or illogical. I know of a missionary who saw people raise from the dead. How crazy is that?! Matthew 17:27 talks about finding a coin in a fishes mouth to pay their taxes with. This is an analogy of Jesus who had deep suffering and the message from his mouth,”it is finished” (where the coin was) paid for our salvation. A gift from God though we did not deserve it. It’s crazy to get all the goodies because of His grace (Ephesians 2:8-9).


The craziest is how much your Creator loves you. It’s crazy that you are crucified with Christ, nevertheless you live, now and forever (Galatians 2: 20). His resurrection is your resurrection (Colossians 3). No matter what crazy you go through He is always with you. Fear becomes faith, pain becomes peace and rejection becomes restoration.


It’s crazy how crazy we are for our kids and grandkids. What parent hasn’t sacrificed so their kids could have something? A friend just had a great-grandbaby and they are so in love with him from the get go! Elvis Presley sang the song, “Crazy Little Thing Called Love.” Really it’s a crazy BIG thing!

The world seems mad at times: division, wars, inflation or violence. Remember in the mad, He’s mad about you. He’s crazy in love with you through the crazy! He saves you from the insanity. He gives His power and presence to you through the difficult challenging situations you face. 

Grateful for His crazy love , Debbie