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Published on: May 27, 2024

It’s great to honor those who died for your life and freedom on Memorial Day! We thank and honor these warriors. Millions have died through the years so we could live in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Triple that number so it includes the families who sacrificed too!

Not to diminish their death at all, but Jesus who was God, became flesh and sacrificed His life so we could live in life-union with Him now and for all eternity. “For God made the only one who did not know sin to become sin for us, so that we who did not know righteousness might become the righteousness of God through our union with him” ( II Corinthians 5:21 TPT). 

You may not be able to lay down your life on the battlefield, but lay down your life everyday for your family, community and your Savior. We most honor those who laid down their lives by laying down our life for others. If you are sad or living in darkness, the best thing you can do to bring hope to yourself is give to others and bring them hope and love. 

Blessed be the Lord God, Maker of Heaven and Earth. Praise His Holy Name for His love and care for each of us!