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About Debbie Bowman

debbie-zoeyDebbie Bowman is mother of five, grandmother to seven and great-grandmother to four. Now retired from a forty year career as a nurse in intensive care Debbie is taking her intensive care to awesome Grandmothers who are raising their grandchildren.

Her compassion driven vision is to help grandmothers raise, whole, healthy, happy and productive grandchildren. She lives with her husband and business partner Sam, and their grandson Anthony on their mini-farm in Indiana.

Her first book, The Summer of Paintless Toenails: Losing a son, gaining a grandson will launch this spring.


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  1. Hi Debbie, my name is Laurie Yarnell and I am writing an article on grandparents raising grandchildren for the Good Housekeeping website.

    I am looking for several different families to profile/talk to me on the record. I’d like to shine a light on all the ways families come together and how grandparents support one another. It would be a very positive piece.

    Can you perhaps help me find some families to profile? Or maybe yourself? My editor would like me to find families in different geographic locations and whose coming into being came from different reasons (one’s adult child struggling with addiction, mental health, having passed away from Covid, etc.)

    I’d love to chat. My email is
    Many thanks! All best, Laurie


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