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CategoryGrief, Loss & Recovery

Practical wisdom about how to survive, recover and thrive, no matter what challenge life throws at you, from Debbie, a forty year veteran of intensive care nursing.

Instead Of What If, What Now?

How do you encourage  your young one that they can get through a difficult time and walk in victory and success when they’ve made a bad decision? Especially if that decision harms or jeopardizes someone else?Here’s four things you can do to encourage, support and correct your kids.

Waiting Is Worth The Wait

What do you do if you feel wiped out, weak, worn or weary? You wait. But don’t wait in the weakness hoping something will change. Wait expectantly and hopefully! Believe that the God who created everything gives power to the faint, and increases strength to the weak. Here’s 3 tips that making waiting worth the wait!

Freedom From Forgiveness

When your life is shattered, it won’t seem like it but the ruins can be rebuilt. How do you forgive someone who has stolen from you resulting in loss of life, innocence or relationship? It’s hard to forgive, but . . . there is a way to healing and happiness.

From Brokenness To Wholeness

 It was a day of disaster. My grandson fell twenty-three feet through a hole in the roof at work. As Craigen fell he had enough time to think “This is it!” As he lay broken on the cement his co-worker was in shock and he had to tell him to call an ambulance. They did not expect him to survive. There is hope! Five tips for navigating tough times.