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CategoryHappiness and Wholeness

Tips on how to shake off the blues, defeat depression. After an emotional trauma you need support to become whole again. You are Debbie’s hero and she is here to guide you back to becoming the best grandmother, the best woman you can be. The grieving process, finding inner healing, renewing hope, and finding happiness again are just a few of the subjects Debbie is here to help guide you through.

Waiting Is Worth The Wait

What do you do if you feel wiped out, weak, worn or weary? You wait. But don’t wait in the weakness hoping something will change. Wait expectantly and hopefully! Believe that the God who created everything gives power to the faint, and increases strength to the weak. Here’s 3 tips that making waiting worth the wait!

How Your Story Counts

Your story makes a difference! Life is a story, full of tragedy and triumph, tears of joy and tears of sadness. Your story has it’s own plot with a unique ending written just for you, but it has just as much value and worth as someone else who finds the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. But, even if you don’t get the pot of gold . . .